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Infomillionaire Launch videos

Following on from the last post which gave you some details about the Infomillionaire launch, here is where you can access all the key video content provided by frank Kern and Trey Smith.
I am currently writing up a report which summarises the content from these videos which will be finished very soon which will be released free on this blog.

Video 1: http://www.infomillionaire.com/vid1/
Raw Video 1: https://infomillionaire.s3.amazonaws.com/howtogetrich.flv

Video 2: http://www.infomillionaire.com/vid-2/
Raw Video 2: https://infomillionaire.s3.amazonaws.com/trey_final.flv

Additional: http://www.infomillionaire.com/anthony.html
Raw Additional: https://infomillionaire.s3.amazonaws.com/anthony.flv

Video 3: http://www.infomillionaire.com/vid-03/
Raw Video 3: https://infomillionaire.s3.amazonaws.com/trey2.flv

Please note: These are links to the actual FLV files of this launch, which may at some point be taken down. I advise you to save a copy of particularly the videos to your local hard drive if you want to go through them in detail.


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