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Affiliate Millionaire- Andrew Fox’s How to be a super affiliate

I have just been reading all about Andrew Fox’s upcoming “Affiliate Millionaire” launch that is occurring in the next 3 weeks covering as you can guess – affiliate marketing!.

affiliate_millionaireFor those of you who don’t know who Andrew is, he is a super affiliate who has made multiple millions of dollars in affiliate commissions.

Andrew has been an affiliate since 2000 and has been successfully selling affiliate products successfully via email, with some of his amazing launch highlights being:

  • #1 affiliate for DayJobKiller with $55K in sales
  • #1 affiliate for Google Cash Detective with $45K in sales
  • #3 affiliate for Stomper SMARTS – $115K in sales
  • Mass Control – $38K in sales
  • Arbitrage Conspiracy – $24K in sales

To quote Andrew:

I’ve sold around $1million of affiliate products just in the last few years alone, via email marketing with ZERO advertising costs

What is Affiliate Millionaire?

From reading his pre-launch material. Affiliate Millionaire will be a seven DVD Module system of over 10 hours of footage with each module containing 2 -4 videos with a mixture of professional real life video, PowerPoint slides and screen cam recordings

The modules are as follows:

  • Module 1 – Researching the market’s that contain HUNGRY buyers who want to spend money.
  • Module 2 – Building your list. Includes Ryan Deiss‘s UnderCover List Profits in this course which is top notch and hits the nail right on the head as well as including a lot of Andrew’s own techniques
  • Module 3 – ‘Correlation Connection’ – Creating Instant Relationships With subscribers and an in depth look at the psychology of email marketing.
  • Module 4 – Pre-Launch Page’s – Video Overviews about why pre launch pages are so important with real life proof.
  • Module 5 – Bonuses Module – how to get the *right* bonuses to boost conversions. Pre Set Email swipe.
  • Module 6 – Launch day Affiliate promotions – Sequence. The Exact Timing
  • Module 7 – Integrated Affiliate Marketing – Proof and stats of auto responder swaps members areas, attracting buyers leads etc

In addition the product will also contain:

  • A swipe file that contains over 14 different email promotions used to generate up to $140,000 in sales from a single promotion
  • Over 10 Customizable Pre Launch Templates
  • Over 10 Customizable Squeeze Page Templates

and then some additional bonuses which you will have to wait to find out about.

Overall thoughts so far?

It will be a BIG launch with a lot of well known affiliates joining in and a lot of publicity will be generated.

  1. Will it offer some original content – absolutely.
  2. Will it be of good quality – absolutely.
    The pre-launch material I am seeing know confirms this. I have just seen an 18 minute preview video of Module 1 and it is very professional indeed. Let me know if you would like to see it and I will make it available to you.
  3. Will it be of value for money – unknown at this stage as the concept is hardly new “affiliate marketing with email marketing” – hmmm

Will keep you all updated


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