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John Reese

John Reese – New Product Launch December 30th


I just received an email from John Reese talking about his new product launch on December 30th.  He is releasing a so called “special product” limited to just 1000 people.

Sounding mysetrious he says that there will be only 1000 units ever and this is not a scarcity trick which reading his email sounds believeable to me when you consider he says this:

  • Only 1,000 will ever exist and they cannot be resold — so you won’t find them on eBay in 6 months or in 6 years.  And each set includes a certificate of authenticity that was hand signed and numbered by me personally.  Yes, hand signed. Not just a mass stamped signature

Good Luck if you get onboard – I will keep you updated over the next few days as he mysteriously reveals more!


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