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Frank Kern’s Core Influence 2 Review

From my earlier core influence post, I hope that you took my advice and watched the 2 hour video from Frank Kern and can see how changing this can be for you. I am now focusing on the follow up Core Influence 2 a 30 minute follow up.


The whole core influence 2 video is Frank showing you his wealth and getting you to believe that this is attainable for ANYONE if you have FOCUSED ACTION and when he explains this all to you, you can see how it is achievable.

What frank is trying to do is get you to focus on what YOU want in your life – dream house, quarterly vacation, Ferrari?,FUN! and much much more in otherwords to really live the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

For each item that you want, work out how much this will cost monthly to have this life and then break this down into a daily figure
Have a look at the below image as an example to see what I mean and here is my Core Influence 2 Calculator which you can download yourself – you do need Microsoft Excel to use it

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How To Get This Lifestyle

As you will see from reading my launch report which you can get by signing up to my newsletter (Top Right), Frank says the following things:

  1. You need to SELL stuff.
    Sure you can be an affiliate, do CPA but the real way is to have your own products
  2. Frank’s firm belief is that you have to OWN your own assets rather than selling other stuff
  3. It is hard selling cheap products
  4. Find something of extremely high value that you can sell at premium price
  5. Create an information product that can sell for $997

Now, when you see what frank says here, your daily target does not seem so far fetched anymore does it?

How many sales do we need to makeĀ  to get- $1,663.43 = 1.6684 copies so if we can do this every day, we have the lifestyle we want

Now, if your website converts at 1% you will need couple of hundred visitors a day to make this happen, however, we want to create a long term business and not just a one off promotion so the way to do this is with a list (hence where Frank is going with his whole List Building course he is in pre-launch for)

If you are giving value to your market place, people are going to come and will check your stuff out which makes 200 hundred visitors a day peanuts and this will then give you your dream family oceanfront home.

Get the right mindset, deliver immense value to your list subscribers who pay attention to what you say and you will truly create a fortune. Remember, your greatest asset is a good group of subscribers

Hope you enjoyed this core influence 2 review, feel free to drop me a comment with your thoughts and whether you find the calculator useful

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