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Top 10 Mobile Marketing Advertising Examples

Check out these good mobile marketing advertising examples that have been released by the StomperMobile guys. I get the impression that the sign up has not been what they expected, what with sending out this content plus now the list of content for lesson 1.

It has got me thinking though these mobile marketing advertising examples are great particularly for offline businesses particularly that this could give companies a leading edge against others e.g. restaurants. According to Dan Hollings, these have all had increased results by 16% or more in a business.

Bargain Hunters Alert

(Retail example)
Store Name: all T-shirts 40% off  today only. Show this text at counter.

Spur of the Moment Special
(Sports Bar example)
Ladies Night – Ladies drink FREE until 10pm. Show this text @bar.

Reminder Text
(Hair Salon example)
Your Salon: Don’t forget your haircut appointment today at 10am with Jane at HairNow. See you soon.

Event Notification
(Webinar example)
Event Name: In 20 minutes, the webinar you registered for will begin. The dial in # is 123-123-1234 PIN: abc

Cancellation Filler
(Service Business example)
Carpet-Tech: Another customer rescheduled and we have an opening today at 3. Text or call now for 30% off. 123-123-1234

(General Business example)
Your Business Name: Jason out sick – can anyone fill in today 10-4p? Biz

How-to Update
(Web announcement example)
How to set-up your Google Buzz in 15 minutes flat. Blog post www.yourdomain.com/blah or recorded message 888-123-1234

Book Author
(Book Promotion example)
“The Missing Chapter,” the one my publisher insisted I hold back, is now available. Text back for Mobile link.

Product Review Update
(Affiliate marketer, Online business or Blogger)
Instant Insiders Review: Revealing look at (product/tool name). Is it really what it’s cracked up to be? Comparisons: www.yourdomain.com/blah

VIP Text Club
(Restaurant example)
Restaurant name: bottomless mimosa
Brunch today! omelettes, french toast, cappuccino, and did we mention… bottomless mimosas?

Learn about this new mobile marketing advertising method in more detail through the free webinars being offered and of course the Stompermobile course!

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