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Mike Koenigs

Local Marketing Templates as seen in Main Street Marketing Machine Video 1

I was just watching video 1 of Main Street Marketing Machine which I did a review of in my previous post ” Main Street Marketing Machine video 1 review now that it has officially launched and went:

I know those marketing templates!

This is a screenshot of video 1 where I saw it:

Main Street Marketing Machine marketing templates

Now you may wonder how do I know – well the answer is:

Because I use these same marketing templates with my local marketing customers!

So, if you want to know where they are from, here is the direct link to the brochure part of Stock Layouts site – http://www.stocklayouts.com/Templates/Brochures/Brochure-Templates-Designs.aspx

They have some good quality material which is pretty cheap and some great free templates too.

  • Anybody know what the line item break downs are for that 4-up flyer with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum? I can make out the prices, but not the actual components of each bucket.

  • Different templates are nice, but your site stands out m ore when it is a template that is still industry-appropriate, but looks different then all the rest. the template can help set your site apart from all the rest.

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