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Auto Click Profits – Oh dear

If it isn’t time for another one of those fancy affiliate marketing products – which reviewing the video promises paydays using his tweaked method of the day using automated software.

Before I start though, forgive my rant – Daniel certainly shows a lot of proof in his sign up video but please give me a break over 15 minutes of showing how much money he made as an affiliate is way too much for me. I believe you – come on and show me more please – I want content not proof!

UPDATE 10th Feb 2011

Well, this should be struck off anyone’s list so hopefully you didn’t click further based on all the feedback I heard and no, I didn’t buy this. Word on the street is that this is simply a hijacker of yahoo answers and is nothing special PLUS the sales letter tactics had much too be desired


Anyway, today’s product has some nuances which make made me interested in testing this one out and the first two main reasons are as follows:

  • Initial entry of only $37 which if you can’t afford that – don’t bother reading past this point
  • One on mentoring for only $197

In addition, this is quote interesting in this age of big buck launches

  • Enter your email to win a complimentary copy. Note: I’m surprised we don’t see this more often

So, why am I interested in Auto Click Profits is that it is all well and good in buying a product but once you start to use it and have little success it disappears onto a part of the hard drive that reappears only when backups are run – Know what I  mean?

In this case, you aren’t hurt by spending $37 which if you can’t afford that, forget reading further but having mentoring for only $197 makes it more interesting.

Click Here to See the Auto Click Profits Video

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Affiliate Marketing
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Great Niche – Halloween Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Halloween Affiliate Marketing Training is a great idea of making a niche within the affiliate marketing training program business and follows nicely along with the Eben Pagan Guru Blueprint launch making you focus on a niche within a niche. As Eben says, as long as one person in a  thousand are actively searching then you are onto something.

Halloween Super Affiliate

This is the program being launched by Brian G. Johnson in the next 2 weeks and talk about timing being perfect. This will help you fast track your Halloween affiliate marketing efforts and help get them ranked ready for big business in October.

What Brian has done with Halloween Super Affiliate that I think is clever is provide you with all the material to get your Halloween affiliate business up and running as he did last year making as an example $11,120.65 in just Halloween costume commissions, not forgetting his Adsense money too:

  1. A WordPress theme
  2. 17 Halloween banners custom made
  3. 20+ live webinar presentations to focus you on what works
  4. Halloween keywords – and buying ones at that
  5. And of course the step-by-step blueprint manual and videos to put this all into action.

What you need to do is just get busy and take action!

Holiday Affiliate Programs???

Thinking laterally, I am sure some bright spark will now take what Brian has done and set up an affiliate marketing training for Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day etc. but until now get on board with Halloween Super Affiliate and see what happens!

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Andy Jenkins
Make Money Online
Mike Filsaime
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Cracking Andy Jenkins affiliate promotion email

From time to time you get good emails with great content provided by the internet marketing gurus and yes, Andy Jenkins has done it again – see my previous post like this –

Butterfly Marketing Open Source Code

I am sure you have received a ton of emails asking you to download Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Open Source code – I know I have so have not bombarded you with another post along these lines. Anyway, what Andy Jenkins has done is send an email promoting it AND suggests ways to utilize this software to make money – AWESOME Andy.

Note: If you are interested in this, these are Andy Jenkins’s affiliate links in here as this is his email content

So, without further ado, here it is:

Andy Jenkins’s Affiliate Email for Mike Filsaimes Butterfly Marketing

SUBJECT: Go start this business for yourself right now please!

Main Body of Email

Check this out – today I’ve got a little bonus business start
up idea that you could probably put together by the end of the

1. Go here where Old Filsaime is giving away Open Source
rights to his Butterfly Marketing membership site software.
Yeah, he’s giving away software that was part of a $2000

This is SERIOUS software. For a long time this was the only
real contender for making a killer paid membership site – and
I DO KNOW a thing or two about making money with membership

BUT WAIT! That’s NOT what I want you to do to start your business. No sir – you won’t be making a membership site.

Here’s what I think you should do, and whoever does this will make a SWEET little business.

2. Go find a place where you can get a reseller account for hosting.

3. Do some screen capture videos of yourself installing and configuring and USING Mike’s script. Make them tutorial over-the-shoulder style.

4. Create a package deal where the tutorial videos are FREE if they buy hosting with you. Then do a one time offer upsell to install and configure the script FOR them.

That’s it. Instant recurring income, with a chance for some big cash up front for easy work. After all, you already know how to install the script, right?

Note: You DON’T have to be a membership site expert to pull this off – ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is figure out how to install this and set it up.

You don’t even have to DISTRIBUTE it. You can let Mike give them the script.

TONS of people are downloading this script right now. It’s all over the internet and all the big boys are mailing. And listen, I guarantee that no matter how easy Mike made it…

People are going to biff it and get frustrated and they’re going to need a superhero.

So put on your cape and go rescue them!

Here’s an OPTIONAL step if you want to go nuts. If you get some cash to reinvest, I’d do two things.

FIRST: Get some customizations done to Mike’s script and start distributing your OWN souped up, exclusive version. After all, he’s giving you the FULL resell/PLR/whatever rights with it here.

So when you do that, you have a unique position in the market with a custom product, and you’re already established as an expert with this software by this time.

That means a PREMIUM price. How premium? Well, Mike sold this software plus some tutorials for $2000. Speaking of tutorials…

SECOND: Get in touch with a REAL Membership site expert that you can JV with and create some exclusive content that will help your customers actually EARN with the script.

You can then just give that away monthly to your customers, or it would justify raising your monthly fees as well.

THIRD: Once you have a bunch of this JV content together, use YOUR script and make a MEMBERSHIP site. Make it a premium price, monthly recurring, and throw in installation and hosting for free.

You could then probably upsell coaching, because at this point, you really ARE an expert in successful membership sites!

That’s it. Seriously, someone go do this right now and then come back to tell me how much you made. But the whole strategy kind of hinges on THIS script:

This is what’s hot RIGHT NOW and there’s demand RIGHT NOW. So you have to move fast. GO GO GO! And GOOD LUCK!

~ Andy

P.S. Of course, Mike’s script is a premium membership site script, so if you just want to jump ahead to the last one there and just make one of those – it’s pretty much how I make my living, so – GO DO IT! The software’s easy to get:

Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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