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Give me a break – List Control Bonuses have gone “Out of Control”

What is this c..p. The whole bonus thing for product launches is now seriously out of control with everyone trying to have one up on their peers during Frank Kern’s List Control launch.

I cannot believe how many emails I have received from people offering some amazing material. Do you really need that bonus when you consider what frank is “throwing in” with List Control i.e. JV Control, Product Control and Copy Control. Frank says this too!

For those of you who are keen in buying List Control here are the list of bonuses I have seen which is some serious cash being thrown about starting with what I believe is the number one bonus.

Just reviewing the collection of bonuses on offer from the “gurus” I have the following comments:

  1. The type of bonus is getting smarter – see e.g. Chris Carpenter – choose your own bonus, Jeff Johnson – we’ll build stuff for you and Andy Jenkins
  2. I commend John Reese for not offering a bonus
  3. Most internet marketers cannot compete with the big guys in terms of the size of bonuses – bigger is clearly better!
  4. You do not need all these bonuses to get your business going. TAKE ACTION with what you have and what you can gleam from the launches

Ryan Deiss List Control Bonus
Ryan Deiss is offering:
Undercover List Building $ 197 value
Sneaky Little Email Tricks $ 97 value
Continuity Blueprint $1997 value
Wholesale Traffic System $1997 value (no longer available to the public)
Social Media Money System $1997 value(no longer available to the public)

Andrew Fox List Control Bonus
The Famous Millionaire’s Mega Yacht DVD’
8 DVD’s sent directly to your door featuring Ewen Chia, Jeff Walker, Dave Mizrachi and Andrew Fox – $997 value
30 Day ‘Clean Up’ Webinar

Amish Shah List Control Bonus
Learn About “Nest Egg” Lists. Content from our $4000 SOLD OUT seminar
“Different” Traffic sources for CHEAP & TARGETED Optins
# Targeted Lists for Less Than A Penny
# Traffic Sources REVEALED
# EXACT strategy to get over 4,563 Opt Ins In Under 2 Weeks
Social Media List Building
# Target ANY Demographic You Want
# 23,345 Opt Ins in 2 Weeks
Get Access To Our Markets
# Find Out WHICH Markets Can Get Up To 3K Opt Ins Per Day
# Rabid Buyers
Sneaky Tricks
# Inbox Delivery
# Low Complaint Ratios
Social Proof
# How to Incorporate SOCIAL Proof into your websites to MAKE people Opt In
Live Webinar
# Your Questions Answered!

Jeff Johnson List Control Bonus
1. A free copy of the Professional Edition of my Traffic-Getting SEO Plugin.
2. My guys will build a special Search-Engine Magnet Blog with custom headers just for you.
3. My guys will install the very same ad serving software that we use to serve ads and test our offers.
4. My guys will install our custom list-building software that has been insanely effective at list-building for us.
5. My guys will design custom banners for you to use in your list building efforts.
6. You get 3 months unlimited access to my Traffic Getting Graphics membership site.
7. I’ll show you which email system I use and how I use it to turn my list into money.
8. I’ll host 2 or 3 private webinars where you can ask me anything about list building, traffic getting, conversions, product development…. Anything.
9. We’ll give you some of our most effective, highest converting optin page templates to use and my guys will even install it on the blog they build for you.
10. 3 months unlimited access to my Underground Training Lab Coaching Club.
11. Unlimited access to my guys in our private tech support forums to help solve your problems.

Andy Jenkins List Control Bonus
SIX MONTHS Access to my latest software project called Kajabi.
GAVIN – This looks VERY interesting stuff and will compete with the Amazon’s aws cloud computing service

Chris Carpenter List Control Bonus

When you buy list control through my affiliate link, you’ll be able to tell me what bonus you would like from me. Perhaps you would like a one on one phone consultation with me? Maybe a free Google Cash Detective membership?
Whatever you want, I’ll do my best to accommodate you!

Matt Trainer List Control Bonus
Operation Oh S..t
Automated Income, Automated Traffic, Automated Video creation, Automated video distribution

John Reese List Control Bonus
NO BONUS – WOW, I commend you John

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Affiliate Millionaire Video 3 Review

From reading Andrew Fox’s last email, the affiliate millionaire launch is going superbly. Sorry its a bit late but here is my video 3 review of the course with the information I have seen so far is looking pretty damm good.

Video 3 is showing actual excerpts from the affiliate millionaire course and lasts almost 36 minutes. Check out my affiliate milllionaire video 2 and video 1 reviews too.
I am getting used to his lilt now and find it very easy to listen to and comfortable, so let’s begin

Module 1 – What markets to focus on

I guess I am not surprised what he is suggesting as at the end of the day the key niches to focus on are the obvious ones, e.g. lose weight, remove debt, cure your health etc. Andrew calls them “solution markets” and from what i can see of this module 1, it is basically choose your market or niche to focus on based on Maslowes hierarchy of needs which I first heard about from Eben Pagan and basically the markets to focus on are around 3 key areas

  1. Money and business
  2. Health and Fitness
  3. Relationships

Why these – because more money is spent in these 3 areas than any other niche combined – scary really but not surprising as at the end of the day if you think about it if you have money, a relationship and are healthy what more can you ask for.

In the video, Andrew then goes into finding an affiliate product within these solution markets and uses a great case study and of course a great product being

How to find a great affiliate product to promote

None other than go to Clickbank Marketplace and find the niche to focus on. My recommendation is to find the niche you personally have the most passion about and then search clickbank products by Gravity with the highest gravity meaning the products that are being promoted the most which therefore implies are making the most money for the affiliates

Module 3 – Email Magic Trigger 1 – Story telling

This excerpt is all about one of the four magic triggers that Andrew says you need to focus on to write good email copy and the first trigger is “story telling”. According to Andrew this is more powerful than any other method which to me sounds like it is straight out of the Frank Kern Mass Control playbook.

The reason is that it engages the readers mind and keeps their attention longer in order to keep the reader more engrossed. Cannot fault Andrew on this point at all and spot on.

So what does this do for you as an internet marketer well, you will get:

-> much higher open rates – up to 80%
-> click throughs up to 50%. industry average is 1%
-> much higer conversion rates = TON MORE MONEY

this becomes a win win scenario for you and your reader as the aim is to get subscribers to thank you for sending the info on the product to them.

As part of affiliate millionaire module 3, Andrew then goes into a niche on golf improvement using his alter ego “Arnie Gallagher” and runs through an example email that he sends as part of his auto responder trail.

Each email should have a header tag as an example:

“Exclusive Insider News” On What’s
Happening in the Golfing World Today

The rest of the email is all very converstaional and story telling. Interestingly after doing a search for “Arnie Gallagher myself on google I found some sample emails from Andrew here which you can download to see his style of email copy.

Email copy resources

Notice the language contains golfing terminology and words that have sounds e.g. Plop for golf ball landing in the water. This shows the feelings and gets the reader to feel the story being told and the key is to sound humble

Module 4 – 30 days to automated sales

This module is all about email and the use of aweber. Not the bext excerpt I think as not really much content other than a “how do I use aweber” which is pretty straightforward.
Items being covered in this module are:

  • Best subject lines
  • Spacing and timing between email messages
  • Killer content for your emails
  • How often to pitch an offer

plus some advice which I thought was interesting e.g. use real world events to recognise you as the authority. One thing I know that all the best internet marketers do and is absolutely important – “Andrew is a big tester of emails”

Well that’s it from affiliate millionaire video 3 a review of three of the modules within Andrew Fox’s course.

Hope you enjoyed

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Andrew Fox Affiliate Millionaire Video 2 Review

I am a bit behind in my reviews of Andrew Fox’s affiliate millionaire launch but finally I had the chance to review video 2 and video 3 in the pre-launch sequence. After my initial uncertainty of video 1 and whether we will see anything new, I was pleasantly surprised.

OK, a lot of the information  maybe sort of rehashed – I saw sections which are definitely Fran Kern esque and the “solution markets” was straight out of what i have seen Eben Pagan go through but overall I was quite impressed and I have to admit this appears to be a quality product.

Firstly, lets focus on video 2

Affiliate Millionaire Video 2 is all about the following

  1. How a tiny list of 332 people generated $4643.40 and $1281.70 from 292 clicks
  2. Interview with one of Andrew’s $25,000 private clients who generated his first $10K affiliate payday
  3. PDF of details on the promotion that generated $39,014 in affiliate commissions in less than 7 days by selling a $77 ebook.
    This validated to Andrew that Affiliate Millionaire works

So let’s focus on the first point

How a tiny list of 332 people generated $4643.40 and $1281.70 from 292 clicks

Andrew showed a selection of emails reviewing the email content, aweber email lists and most importantly the open rates and click through rates.

I was quite impressed with some of the aweber autoresponder statistics and downloaded them from the videos you will see below. What i ahve noticed is that his emails are very simple and a bit of andrews gift of the gab. have a look and see what i mean:

From: “Marketing Quickies 3 – Andrew Fox”
Subject: Andrew, private video for you …

Hey Andrew!

Hoh Hoh Hoh!

Happy Holidays – Look I’ve put together a very special video for you today with an *IRRESISTIBLE* offer …

Click here and watch my private video now …

It’s only open to the first 10 people and you will get the chance for me to promote your product to my list. (I’ve sold over $100,000+ in some cases from a single email message!)

So this is pretty damn valuable and genuinely limited …

Truly a “Christmas Only” Special

My “6 Week Cash” program is open to the first 10 people …

Click here and watch my private video now …

Many thanks,

Andrew Fox

aweber email listWhat was impressive is that from this one email – it was emailed to 350 people with 178 opened email and 100 clicks

Now what this email was selling was 6 week cash course which with the sequence of emails got 96 unique clicks out of 119 and generated $2321.70 – 6 sales with another $2321.70 generated as a 2nd payment as part of a subscription plan 30 days later. You can see all theopen rates and click through rates that he generated below.

click through rates

This is impressive stuff with the key being  to form bonds with the subscribers and following andrew’s step by step affiliate millionaire procedure.

I had a look through his email lists and noticed a few things.

Firstly, Andrew is a big fan of Aweber as his choice of autoresponder and I can personally vouch for that.

His emails generally start with :

“name, text he wants to talk about


“name”, the traffic resource …
name, I need your feedback
personal… (confidential)

I notice that this is always in lowercase letters and Andrew is getting 60 – 100% open rates and at least 15% are clicking through on the emails which according to Andrew is not that hard to get these sort of sales.

In the affiliate millionaire course you get swipe files of his best emails and will teach you how to build your subscriber list.

His email sequence showed the following which is good intel for us:
26th and 27th October
19th and 30th November
18th and 19th and 31st December
2nd and 11th January

and that was the 1st part of affiliate millionaire video 2

Interview with Alex Jeffreys one of Andrew Fox’s $25,000 private clients

Alex first met Andrew in Feb 2007 at Mike Filsaime’s 7 Figure Code Seminar – in New York where he hounded Andrew to consult him in becoming a super affiliate. Alex had built a few products and was making $1500- 2000 but wanted better results get to next level.

After much hounding, Alex weent to Andrew’s office for 2-3 hours and was shown his paypal account, clickbank accounts etc. good old social proof and straigt for our benefit I assume!!!! but what he learnt was all the:

Do this, Do that  copy this email etc. all copy and paste stuff

Andrew reviewed Alex’s email campaignes and his overall comments were:

“You are being too nice. You need to enforce authority. You need to recommend product that sells well

So, after implementing andrew’s methods and using the email swipe files, when the promotion thatAlex was implementing this on (In fact one of Andrews own products!!!!) Alex was the top affiliate as his conversion rate was high.

Note: Andrew gave Alex very good pre-launch material with certain email templates. In the end Alex emailed 4 emails. 1 pre-launch, 2 on launch day(i messed up) and 1 day after.

the key thing is that you create buzz by following the formula – it is a system with email campaigns using  psychological stuff and copying andrew fox’s writing style plus the process around how many to send and when for them to go out.

Since then Alex launched John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0 and made $16K. Michael Cheney’s Golden Thread and made $36K in 90 mins all after setting things up in a launch sequence using Andrews methods and in 2009 made over $500K in sales – VERY IMPRESSIVE STUFF and a good case study from a very nice guy.

Summing Up and PDF Review

The process that is followed is all about letting your list know 4-6 weeks in advance that a launch is coming and getting the subscribers to genuinely see that you are recommending it not being like what andrew calls a “vulture affiliate

You have upper hand in that time to sell the preview clips weeks before and talk about the benefits of the product. During this time you can build up your bonus package with the course showing you  how to create content using 4 different methods and in your emails just talk honestly about things.

Check out the PDF Review of Andrew’s DayJobKiller launch for more examples and swipe files that Andrew provides

And finally the KEY to the whole process seems to be:

  1. Solid pre-launch
  2. Offer good bonuses
  3. Have well written emails

And that’s all of my affiliate millionaire video 2 review. Video 3 to follow by now probably after Andrew Fox’s actual affiliate millionaire launch. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you buy it as would love to hear your thoughts in my blog

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