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List Building
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Frank Kern’s List Control Giveaways and Lessons

By now if you know anything about Internet marketing you must have been bombarded with emails promoting Frank Kern‘s latest launch which will go gangbusters.

Here are a few lessons for you

Lesson 1 – Swipe File

Make a swipe file containing all of Franks emails, copy on each page and downloadable files, videos and audio.
Use Microsoft Word or something like that to keep a copy of everything and make sure you have a folder on your pc or mac for Frank Kern – List Control
Note down things like – Email subject line, day email sent, time sent et.c so you have a full record of everything Frank does.

If there is one Internet marketer to follow it is Frank – he does not do things by accident (most of the time anyway) and his launches are tested and planned for a reason – Learn from them.

Lesson 2 – Implement Frank’s list control systems

Give the 4 day cash machine a try, implement his “good karma” method otherwise known as . As Frank says, these things do work so have a go. I know I will aim to implement good karma soon so watch this space and you will see how it works.

Download 4 Day Cash Machine and Good Karma

Here are the links to the web pages containing the tools released so far:


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List Building
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Tellman Knudson
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Listbuilding club bonuses – $29,000 of bonuses now available

There are now $29,000 of listbuilding club bonuses available if you sign up to listbuillding club now and to be honest, some of the new $16,000 worth of bonuses are what tipped me across the line to join up.

Bonuses from Dan Kuschell, Brad Fallon, Mark Joyner, Matt Bacak, Jonathan Mizel, Michael Chaney, Harris Fellman, Justin Blake, Charles Ryder, Eben Pagan, Jeff Paul, Rich Shefren & Mike Filsaime is unbelievable – practically a who’s who of internet marketing gurus.

These are only available if you sign up now before the doors close Sunday 18th january at 10:55 EST – I hope you read this before the doors close.

Look at some of these bonuses now available:

  • Mark Joyner: Internet Marketing Godfather’s Success Bonus Package – $300 value
  • Rich Shefren: Business Growth Internet Coaching System Membership Trial – $400 value
  • Mike Filsaime Mike Filsaime: $5,000 6-DVD, Newbie Digital Workshop – $497 value
  • Ryan Lee: Module From Continuity King On Micro-Memberships – $2,000 value
  • Ben Shaffer: Opt In Bait Ebook Compilation – $1,000 value
  • Matt Bacack: multi-million dollar “Formula” – digital home study course – $1,000 value
  • Jeff Paul Instant Profits Automated Marketing Software $3,495 value
  • Nitro Marketing: Nitro Bonus Package and Seminar Ticket – $2,500 value

See you in listbuilding club getting the bonuses because that’s where I’ll be!

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List Building
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Whoops! typos and technical issues for formulafive and listbuilding club teleseminars

As part of the product launches going on for the listbuilding club and formulafive the standard launch method of teleseminars is taking place to go through the product details and deal with the objections that occur – however ….. mistakes do happen and I see that is happening with listbuilding club and stompernet right now, but it shows they are human which is nice to see.

I just received this from Andy Jenkins regarding the formulafive teleseminar Jan 13th at 9PM EST:

“We had some email and system problems earlier today that affected some folks’ ability to confirm their opt-in, and we apologize if those affected you.”

and as for listbuilding club, an email from tellman knudsen:

“I gave you the WRONG phone number for the call tomorrow- the error was on your golden ticket which I’ve updated with the right number and pin: make sure you print yourself a copy-  and just in case you have any trouble with the golden ticket… here’s the correct info:”

Never mind guys at least we got the correct info

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