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Rich Schefren
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Rich schefren live answering your questions in ustream webinar

Do you remember last fall when Rich schefren did the ustream Q&A for 26 hours straight. I remember logging in at some point for probably only about 15 minutes and it was pretty impressive too see.  A pretty laid back guy sitting in his office if I remember right? but giving awesome content. Anyway, he has just sent an email to say he is doing this again:

Thursday, June 18th, at noon EST sharp, I’ll go live on the web for another Q and A session for 4 hours. (Could be more though, you have to tune in).

One neat thing is he is doing is getting you to register to be a vip (a way of getting your email address mind you as it is free to be a vip!!)
If you do register as a vip though, you get the chance to:

  1. Ask your questions directly to Rich
  2. Win one of Rich’s $5,000 programs (including one he recently did with Jay Abraham)
  3. Win a full day in the office with Mike Filsaime and Rich Schefren
  4. VIP members will have the opportunity to submit their questions in advance, and make sure that they’re answered FIRST–before anyone else

If you always wanted to find out about rich and how he got to where he is from getting from being a hypnotist to the internet manifesto through to strategic profits you name it – now is the time to do it. Register here to be a VIP to get this chance

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Rich Schefren
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Internet Busines Manifesto teleseminar recording

I am sure you have received one or two, no make that tens of emails promoting the Rich Schefren internet business manifesto teleseminar which he had over a couple of days May 27th and May 28th. The reason for this call was that Rich is about to relaunch his Guided Profit system and welcome to classic pre-launch stuff.

The call was just over 2 hours long and had talk about a who’s who of internet marketing on the call which delivered some awesome information from the following guys:

Mike Filsaime – Brad Fallon – Jeff Walker – Frank Kern
Willie Crawford – Joel Comm – Liz Thompson
John Carlton – Yaro Starak – Tellman Knudsen
Michael Cheney – Kevin Hogan

I’m not going to go into detail about what they said right now but suffice to say you can get the call through the main teleseminar page here and when you get the link through the email to download the teleseminar you get a synopsis of the call. If you want to avoid all the email trail, you can just get the manifesto teleseminar recording on mp3 audio through this link here:

********** Note: After listening to this call, my first reaction was hang on a minute – this is familiar and then it hit me. It is a replay of the call from September 2008 when the latest rich schefren mainfestio style report was released i.e. the Uncertainty Report and the Guided Profit System was originally launched.

Just be aware of this when you listen to the call, the information is still valid but not from May 2009.

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Rich Schefren
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Rich Schefren developing a new manifesto maybe?

Saw some interesting tweets today (January 9th) from Rich Schefren. I am not sure what he is doing yet but could he be doing some sort of new manifesto?

What do you think of this from his Twitter feed at :

Just got done w/ a 3-way-call w/ Jay Abraham and @copyblogger about something very big we’re currently planning (and it’ll be free!)

spent the early evening smoking cigars with michael masterson and zappy (a big domain guy who you’ll be hearing more from soon)

Interesting isn’t it – start putting two and two together and you get??????

By the way, we all know who Jay Abraham and Michael Masterson is and copyblogger is a guy called Brian Clark – a “new media writer/producer, entrepreneur, and recovering attorney” from his website at i guess it is pretty clear what he is helping Rich with! 
As for Zappy, I am sure it is Mike Zapolin who “juggles domain names on the internet, buying cheap and selling quick for multi-digit profits” according to His website where you can see the scale of this guy is at

I really recommend reading the above article and you can get some idea of what domain names this guy (plus Andrew Miller) buys and sells, think big! –,, A great example is with, buying it for $80,000 and selling it for $7 million to a brewery.

They look at domain names as assets and it is a major asset in the hands of the right person, e.g. a brewery buying I love this quote attributed to them:

“Companies that target broad audiences understand today that to reach the end consumer they have must have assets in certain domain names, because the domain name determines your Google ranking, which is critical”


“Someone asked me where he ought to put his money. I said, buy a domain name, and you’ll triple or quadruple your investment

Makes you think and looking like pretty powerful stuff what they are into.
Watch this space for more in the coming weeks I guess. When you know Rich Schefren is involved, watch the buzz grow and grow!

I would like to know what you think to this? Please let me know in the comments .

Best Wishes

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