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The DEATH of the Salesletter?

Gotta love this email subject – “The DEATH of the Salesletter” which is what Ryan Deiss’s Video Sales Letter Formula is all about. This follows on from my earlier blog post about split testing which Ryan does so well.

Anyway, Video Sales Letter Formula is now LIVE and about to be heavily promoted so let me explain what it is all about

What is Video Sales Letter Formula?

The main sales page video which is 21 minutes long explains what is now changing with sales pages and he is certainly telling the truth in that video sales letters are now becoming more proficient than long form sales letters.

How do I know?

Well you can simply look at the last few mega launches from Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins and Jeff Johnson just for starters. How many long form sales letters did you see? Absolutely NONE.

Aside from the guru in video Andy Jenkins with The Video Boss launch , you will notice the now prevalence of PowerPoint style videos aka Camtasia being used to record someone talking to the PowerPoint video. Simple isn’t it? The great thing about these is that rather than a reader having to just read the long form letter, you can now get access to the reader through multiple modalities i.e. text, audio and video which is why they work.

To add to the success of this format, Ryan says that compared to his last long form salesletter

Video sales letters are converting 321% better than my last launch

and to me the BIGGIE is

My average sales conversions have gone from 2.1% to a staggering 6.9%

Ryan explains that there is a 12 step process to creating thee videos and he gives you the template in video sales letter formula. In conjunction with the process, Ryan provides a few bonuses including his Magic Buy Button software¬† Overnight Product Creation to help you get started and his new “Triple X” process which is designed to triple the value of every customer transaction by assisting with the process of creating upsells, cross sells and of course continuity income which is Ryan’s speciality from the days of continuity blueprint.

In Summary

I agree with everything Ryan says in the process and that video sales letters are certainly the way of the immediate future however I would say these videos are really just a long form copy in disguise and that you need to know how to write sales copy a la John Carlton style to be a true success.

What Ryan Deiss’s Video Sales Letter Formula will do though is give you a fast start¬† to the process by providing the knowledge and tools to get going.

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Download the Ryan Deiss – Magic Buy Now Button technology for FREE

In the launch of video sales letter formula, you will see the use of Ryan Deiss’s Magic Buy Now Button which interestingly has been included as being worth $5000 to Ryan as he explains in his sales letter video.

Ryan Deiss magic Buy Now ButtonNow Ryan is a very very good marketer and his split testing of what works has been covered in detail in my earlier blog post split testing review of video sales letter formula which basically shows that this sort of technology works and a Magic Buy Now Button aka a delayed Add To Cart button in conjunction with a video sales letter is the thing to do (for now!)

Anyway, in the spirit of Product Launch Vault, I bring you this technology within my latest report. Find out:

  1. What code do you need to add to your web page
  2. When should you make the Add To Cart button appear
  3. Examples of how it is used and why

Download the ryan deiss magic buy now button report now

To Your Internet Success

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Split testing analysis for Ryan Deiss Video Sales Letter Formula

It has been really interesting watching the split testing of the launch of the new product by Ryan Deiss Video Sales Letter Formula.

Ryan Deiss Video Sales Letter Formula sales page

All this testing is occurring before he has announced this new product to his affiliates, obviously checking all the possible combinations and working out the highest converting offer. What I mean is as follows:

Over the past week, I have received multiple emails with:

  1. Different web addresses
  2. Different email content
  3. Different email headings

and that’s what I call proper split-testing.

Different web addresses

The emails I have received have been directing me to the following web addresses:

  • http://www.drivingtraffic.com/3x-video
  • http://www.uglyvideosalesletters.com
  • http://www.howtotripleyoursales.com/
  • http://www.deathofthesalesletter.com/

Now to me the interesting thing ignoring the first example as this is a link off his blog is the emotion in the domain name – “ugly”, “death” – very interesting use with the end result after clicking on these websites going to a completely normal domain name which sounds like a product and is

*** You can see another example where Ryan is using this technique is with Facebook Ad Power

Note the use of the almost patented Ryan Deiss “Add To Cart” orange button which I first covered back in this blog post back in June 2009! http://www.productlaunchvault.com/195/do-you-know-what-is-the-best-buy-now-button-to-use/

Different Email Subjects

Again following up on the domain names, there is again a lot of emotion in the email subjects- see what I mean

  • I Gotta “Banish’ This Video
  • How to SELL with PPT Video
  • The World’s UGLIEST Video
  • The DEATH of the Salesletter? [VIDEO]
  • One Trick TRIPLED my Sales Instantly
  • 3X your sales (no additional traffic needed)

Check out though what is in common with all of these except two – a CAPITAL word appearing. Correct me if I am wrong, but I get the feeling Ryan knows something about conversion rates using this.

I recommend you try this out too

Different email content

Obviously I am not going to copy all the different emails into this post as it will start to get a bit ridiculous but some points I have noticed:

  1. All have THREE links to the website in the email and no obvious click tracking i.e. you can see the domain name
  2. All have one or more P.S.s
  3. No more personalization – they begin with Hey or Hi

Video Sales Letter Formula – Next Steps

In the next 48 hours or so, I expect maybe some more testing before the site is taken down leading into the pre-launch and then launch of the product. In the meantime, here is the link to the video sales letter formula video just in case it gets taken down – http://videosalesletters.s3.amazonaws.com/vidsalesletter-salesvid-v2.flv

Anyway, hope you found this interesting, I will follow up in the next couple of days, my analysis of the actual video sales letter formula and the ryan deiss launch video sales page


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