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Get Money From Google
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Get Money From Google is going off

This is the first part of my get money from google review from perry belcher and ryan deiss which is becoming a well known product. I just heard that someone just sold 1200 copies of get money from google and another person sold 500 which shows this product is selling well. My guess it is some of the top internet marketers since I received an email from frank kern, jeff johnson, mike filsaime just to name a few who are promoting this product.

I bought get money from google the other day and I am currently onto CD 3 – getting customers. I have finished listening to cd 1 – an overview and cd 2 – getting products.

Both of these cds have been very good, the overview has set the scene for the whole get money from google process and the second cd gave a deep dive into all the ways you can create product content as well as the list of places where you can get good content from and showing you all the different ways to make a product – some very ingenious methods with great cool names such as the “Aggregator Method” and the fact that you should not spend a lot of time on creating product at all. Perry Belcher says that if you spend longer than one day then you are crazy. The aim here is not a lot of work to make money, just get something out and don’t spend lots of hours building product, it is easy to get it from the many sources on the internet.

The aim of this course is to create lots of niche products working on the principle of $1 per page as your sale price and to target micro niches with your product which enables you to get quality traffic from google adwords cheaper than your competitors.

All in all, so far so good, I am really enjoying listening to get money from google and both ryan deiss and perry belcher’s thoughts on affiliate programs has been very eye opening. I can certainly recommend you buy get money from google as it gives you a new way of creating multiple streams of income.

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PPC Web Spy – Interesting review of Brad Callen’s new product

Brad callen has just released a new ppc web spy product which allows you to get hold of your competitors adwords keywords and has released a free version and a “platinum” version at I actually ignored this initially however when I received an email  promoting ppc web spy, it got me interested:

Hey Gavin,

One of the best software developers for internet marketers is at it again – this time with a free tool that has already become one of my favorites.

-> You’ll do research FAST
-> You can easily steal your competition’s best keywords
-> Build BIG keyword lists in MINUTES

The tool is absolutely free, no catch. It’ll install on your browser in seconds. It’s free for now, but may not be for a long time.

Download it now

I don’t know about you but this sounds great so of course I downloaded it, installed it and ……. never even used it because I then decided to read a review about it first and came across the following interesting blog post and the comments that followed:

If you read carefully, what I notice is – inaccurate stats, useless features and to quote one of the comments:

Hi Steven,

This was great review. I personally signed up for the standard version, after receiving an email from the guy himself. As usual, I was directed to the upsell page for the “platinum” version. And the more I thought about how the feature for No. 1 and No. 2 positions could benefit us, the more I realised it was crap. That’s the reason why I googled for reviews on the software and came upon your page. Thanks for confirming on what I suspected all along.

Keep up the good work!


I leave this with you to make your own judgement

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PPC Classroom 2.0
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PPC Classroom 2.0 review- module 5

This is now the fifth of 9 reviews of ppc classroom 2.0 and the fifth module is called “How to Design a Landing Page that Will Literally SUCK Your Visitors into Making a Purchase”.

Landing pages are now crucial for pay per click programs and the old way of direct linking to offer pages is becoming more and more dead which is why a good landing page is crucial to your success.
To understand why you need a landing page, I will leave it to amit mehta to explain:

Believe it or not, most new affiliates really don’t understand what a landing page is, which is why their first “landing page” often has a terrible conversion rate.

The Goal of a Landing Page

The purpose of an affiliate landing page is to presell your visitor to click on your affiliate link and make a conversion. A “conversion” in this case can be filling out a form, signing up for a service, making a product purchase, downloading a software program, etc. Depending on the affiliate offer you’re promoting, you are paid a commission when your visitor takes one of these actions.
Your entire landing page should be focused on the ONE goal of persuading your visitor to click through to the merchant site and take action. ANYTHING that distracts the visitor from this ONE goal will hurt your conversion rate.
Here’s how I like to break it down. The two MOST important qualities of a high-converting landing page are:

Relevance: All content on the page MUST be directly relevant and highly focused on the one goal of converting the visitor. What’s more, the more relevant your landing page is to your Google ad and keywords (the visitor typed in) the higher your conversion rate will be.

Clarity: The very second the visitor hits your landing page, it should be immediately clear to that visitor what the page is about. If the visitor has to think, for even a moment, about what your landing page is about, they will hit the back button faster than you can say “pay per
click!” That’s not a joke; I’m being dead serious.

Keep this in mind: Relevancy and clarity are MORE important than having a landing page that looks professional.

Landing page types

In ppc classroom 2.0, you are provided a range of different landing pages styles as one of the ppc classroom 2.0 bonuses which gives you different templates. You are provided all the types of templates that you will need for different pay per click offers such as pay per lead, squeeze, product pages, review style landing pages and straight forward sales pages. All of these landing page templates are excellent quality and I have personally used these in my pay per click programs.
In module 5, amit works through these types of landing pages and looks at examples explaining what works well and most importantly the key things that you need to do to make a successful landing page, e.g. what font size should you use, where to out the key content and what type of images to use – very specific advice which must be used by you.

Landing page copywriting tips

it is very important that you look at your landing page as though it is a true sales page and use copywriting as if it was your own product you are selling, amit works thorugh all the major items that need to be on your landing page and provided 10 key copywriting tips that will really optimise your success.

Thorughout ppc classroom 2.0 module 5, there are a large number of case studies giving you advice and knowledge as to what works best and what you should avoid which really shows the power of this product

Anyway, onto the next module now, ppc classroom 2.0 will be reopening on February 24th so sign on up now for the pre-launch ready for the re-opening.

Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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