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Alex Jeffreys
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Alex Jeffreys – An honest review of Gurus Nightmare!

I came across Alex Jeffreys for the first time during the Andrew Fox launch of Affiliate Millionaire and have now seen he is next in line to become a bit of an internet guru with his latest pre-launch  and the first item being his free report  Gurus Nightmare which is an incredible 95 pages. His goal in 2010 is to break the million dollars a year mark and I can see after studying his free launch report that he will do this.

This report is written in the same way as the Rich Schefren reports and is his “Final Chapter”  starting with Gurus Dream in September 2008 and Newbies Nightmare in June 2009.

In both cases the result of the report was Alex’s own coaching program – Marketing with Alex which surprise surprise is exactly what we are building up to in this pre-launch. But what has surprised me with Gurus Nightmare is that this report has actually MADE ME THINK.

What is Gurus Nightmare?

Gurus Nightmare is all about marketing and how important this is for your business.
We are at a point in time where social media is enabling any “little guys” in marketing move up quicker than ever and so called “big guys” have to now watch out as you can get instant feedback on anything through twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so-on.

Think about some of the last big launches and what has happened. I can think of two where feedback was not positive and this will certainly stop me from following them in the same way – namely Arbitrage Conspiracy and Google Cash Detective 2 – HOWEVER if you look at something like The Video Boss, I have heard nothing but praise – makes you think right?

No-one can  afford to slip up and not offer VALUE anymore

Be transparent in your marketing and JUST BE YOU

Key Takeaways from the PDF

  • In order to make money online, you need to become a marketer first. Stop being a prospect and become a marketer
  • An idiot with a plan will beat a genius without a plan
  • People will write about you if you give out value by providing content for FREE
  • If you follow a proven formula and learn it then you can make money every single night
  • Websites don’t make money it is the business behind them that does
  • It’s all based around building a list
  • You need to be hands on learning how to automate a business, then you can focus on marketing it
  • Learn at a smaller level before trying to play with the big guys – you will not be able to compete with Eben Pagan, Jeff Walker and Frank Kern if you are just starting out!
  • The best selling products are the best marketed products
  • Building a list doesn’t make you money, but having a list and running marketing campaigns to it, makes you tons of money

And finally:

Look at the Internet Marketers out there and do things differently by:

  1. Start to study their stuff
  2. Look at how they sell to you, not what they sell to you
  3. Start to model it
  4. Look at their squeeze pages
  5. What products do they offer for free
  6. What do they try to sell you once you sign up for a free offer
  7. What are their email campaigns like, to keep trying to get you to move from prospect to customer?
  8. Rip off their model and start to use it yourself

I recommend getting on the email list in order to get the follow up stuff too – Download Gurus Nightmare and start to study him just as he says

What is next in the Pre-Launch?

On the 5th April, Alex will be holding a webinar – Easy Cash Webinar with go-live happening on the 6th April

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Top 10 Mobile Marketing Advertising Examples

Check out these good mobile marketing advertising examples that have been released by the StomperMobile guys. I get the impression that the sign up has not been what they expected, what with sending out this content plus now the list of content for lesson 1.

It has got me thinking though these mobile marketing advertising examples are great particularly for offline businesses particularly that this could give companies a leading edge against others e.g. restaurants. According to Dan Hollings, these have all had increased results by 16% or more in a business.

Bargain Hunters Alert

(Retail example)
Store Name: all T-shirts 40% off  today only. Show this text at counter.

Spur of the Moment Special
(Sports Bar example)
Ladies Night – Ladies drink FREE until 10pm. Show this text @bar.

Reminder Text
(Hair Salon example)
Your Salon: Don’t forget your haircut appointment today at 10am with Jane at HairNow. See you soon.

Event Notification
(Webinar example)
Event Name: In 20 minutes, the webinar you registered for will begin. The dial in # is 123-123-1234 PIN: abc

Cancellation Filler
(Service Business example)
Carpet-Tech: Another customer rescheduled and we have an opening today at 3. Text or call now for 30% off. 123-123-1234

(General Business example)
Your Business Name: Jason out sick – can anyone fill in today 10-4p? Biz

How-to Update
(Web announcement example)
How to set-up your Google Buzz in 15 minutes flat. Blog post or recorded message 888-123-1234

Book Author
(Book Promotion example)
“The Missing Chapter,” the one my publisher insisted I hold back, is now available. Text back for Mobile link.

Product Review Update
(Affiliate marketer, Online business or Blogger)
Instant Insiders Review: Revealing look at (product/tool name). Is it really what it’s cracked up to be? Comparisons:

VIP Text Club
(Restaurant example)
Restaurant name: bottomless mimosa
Brunch today! omelettes, french toast, cappuccino, and did we mention… bottomless mimosas?

Learn about this new mobile marketing advertising method in more detail through the free webinars being offered and of course the Stompermobile course!

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Frank Kern
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Download My Free Report – Frank Kern List Control Swipe File

I have created a super download for you today fresh from one of the biggest launches in Internet Marketing in 2010

  • Frank Kern’s List Control Swipe File

All my opinions, comments, information, links, downloadable videos and emails from Frank Kern’s launch

Download Frank Kern List Control Swipe File

I hope you find it useful – there’s some really good stuff inside like:

  1. The email sequence that I received- dates, content and even split tests
  2. Direct Links to the good karma software, 4 day cash machine AND Core Influence and Core Influence 2 – which are amazing videos from Frank
  3. Additional interviews with marketers such as Ryan Deiss, Andy Jenkins and Eben Pagan – great content on its own!

Download List Control Swipe File

I hope you find it useful, I know what it is like to miss getting copies from product launches so this time you will not miss out on frank kern’s list control!

UPDATE: 8th April 2010 – Daniel McClure  from has also released a different style report with more analysis of Frank’s list control launch. Check his site out too as his report complements mine



P.S. If you want more swipe files like this, PLEASE don’t forget to sign up top right to get on my subscriber list today!

Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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