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Affiliate Marketing
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Great Niche – Halloween Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Halloween Affiliate Marketing Training is a great idea of making a niche within the affiliate marketing training program business and follows nicely along with the Eben Pagan Guru Blueprint launch making you focus on a niche within a niche. As Eben says, as long as one person in a  thousand are actively searching then you are onto something.

Halloween Super Affiliate

This is the program being launched by Brian G. Johnson in the next 2 weeks and talk about timing being perfect. This will help you fast track your Halloween affiliate marketing efforts and help get them ranked ready for big business in October.

What Brian has done with Halloween Super Affiliate that I think is clever is provide you with all the material to get your Halloween affiliate business up and running as he did last year making as an example $11,120.65 in just Halloween costume commissions, not forgetting his Adsense money too:

  1. A WordPress theme
  2. 17 Halloween banners custom made
  3. 20+ live webinar presentations to focus you on what works
  4. Halloween keywords – and buying ones at that
  5. And of course the step-by-step blueprint manual and videos to put this all into action.

What you need to do is just get busy and take action!

Holiday Affiliate Programs???

Thinking laterally, I am sure some bright spark will now take what Brian has done and set up an affiliate marketing training for Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day etc. but until now get on board with Halloween Super Affiliate and see what happens!

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Eben Pagan
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Eben Pagan Guru Blueprint Pre-Launch Downloads

Eben Pagan’s Guru Blueprint is well into its pre-launch right now – up to video 2 and is offering some awesome information for free as part of the launch. This post gives you the details around all the key material being released by Eben in this phase of the launch namely the Niche Intelligence Report.

Guru Blueprint Landing Page

Accessible at which is where you see a 2:38 min video explaining what you will be getting which are the following:

  1. 35 minute video training
  2. A Niche intelligence Report
  3. Niche Targeting exercises

After you enter the usual name and email address you get access to the following three pieces of information and more so worhwhile entering your details

VIDEO – How To Identify And Target Highly Profitable Information Niches Online

Learn the secrets to target “Million Dollar Niches”

This video is accessible at

PDF – Niche Intelligence Report

A 26 page PDF explaining what are the key niches to target for your information product business

PDF – Niche Exercises

Exercises to work out if your idea makes sense

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Mike Koenigs
Video Marketing
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Learn about Local Marketing through these Webinars

What is it with Mike Koenig’s Main Street Marketing Machine and Kevin Wilke’s Local Business Money Machine competing against each other?

Main Street Marketing MachineI have been following Mike’s launch intently over the past few weeks and have been very impressed with the content, production and interestingly have enjoyed the San Diego mafia sticking together to promote it! not least with Andy Jenkins providing the video production – why I am not sure since Mike has his own studios(I think he does anyway- Digital Cafe).

Anyway, on to my blog post and the fact that there have been webinars provided by both Mike Koenigs and Kevin Wilke showcasing their products and in good old Product Launch Vault style, here are the links to download these webinars:

StomperNet(David Preston and Big Jason) interviews Mike Koenigs

Ryan Deiss interviews Kevin Wilke

I hope you find these local marketing webinars useful – download them today before they disappear!

Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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