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Auto Click Profits – Oh dear

If it isn’t time for another one of those fancy affiliate marketing products – AutoClickProfits.com which reviewing the video promises paydays using his tweaked method of the day using automated software.

Before I start though, forgive my rant – Daniel certainly shows a lot of proof in his sign up video but please give me a break over 15 minutes of showing how much money he made as an affiliate is way too much for me. I believe you – come on and show me more please – I want content not proof!

UPDATE 10th Feb 2011

Well, this should be struck off anyone’s list so hopefully you didn’t click further based on all the feedback I heard and no, I didn’t buy this. Word on the street is that this is simply a hijacker of yahoo answers and is nothing special PLUS the sales letter tactics had much too be desired


Anyway, today’s product has some nuances which make made me interested in testing this one out and the first two main reasons are as follows:

  • Initial entry of only $37 which if you can’t afford that – don’t bother reading past this point
  • One on mentoring for only $197

In addition, this is quote interesting in this age of big buck launches

  • Enter your email to win a complimentary copy. Note: I’m surprised we don’t see this more often

So, why am I interested in Auto Click Profits is that it is all well and good in buying a product but once you start to use it and have little success it disappears onto a part of the hard drive that reappears only when backups are run – Know what I  mean?

In this case, you aren’t hurt by spending $37 which if you can’t afford that, forget reading further but having mentoring for only $197 makes it more interesting.

Click Here to See the Auto Click Profits Video

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