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PPC Classroom 2.0
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PPC Classroom 2.0 review – module 7 – launching your campaign

This is now the seventh of 9 ppc classroom 2.0 reviews and the seventh module is called “Launching Your Campaign… Do You Have a Dud, or a Winner?”.

You have built your adwords campaign and you set it to active – this is the point where you can have a success or a failure. What do you do next!

When you launch your campaign, amit works through the 4 different scenarios for every launch and how do you decide whether the adwords campaign is a success or not. The 4 scenarios are pretty well clear to everyone:

  1. Lots of traffic and lots of sales – BINGO
  2. Some traffic and some sales
  3. Some traffic and no sales
  4. Almost no traffic

Amit explains that regardless of the scenario, there is work to do – even if you are making sales. Looking at one of the scenarios – scenario 2 below, amit gives an example of what you should do

In this scenario, you’re getting a good amount of traffic; however, your conversion rate is woefully bad. You’re spending $200 per day but making only $50-$100 per day in sales, WAY below break even.
If this is the case, then here’s what may be the problem:

Are all your ads in position 1 or 2? If so then you’re bidding too high. You’re getting a ton of click-happy visitors and paying through the nose for it. Drop your bids by 30% (or more) across the board and reassess your campaign.
How targeted are your keywords? Check to see what keywords you are bidding on, and how targeted they are to your offer. If you have a lot of junk keywords in your list, they could be killing your conversion rate, especially if you’re getting a ton of traffic from these keywords.
Do Your Google ads make sense? Poorly written Google ads can also kill your conversions. Check to see if you’re following all the guidelines for writing Google ads I talked about in Module 4. Also, imagine you’re a visitor seeing your ad for the first time. Does it make sense? How does it compare to your competitor ads?
Your landing page may be poor. If you’re having doubts about your landing page, upload a set of ads that directly link to your merchant site and that are identical to your original ads (expect for the display URL, of course). This way, you can quickly test if your landing page is the problem by comparing your landing page conversion rate to the conversion rates you’re getting with direct linking.


All very good advice and I particulalry appreciate his advice as to when to suspend your campaign as he gives you clear advice atwhat point you need to move on

For now, you cannot buy ppc classroom 2.0yet but you can sign up to be notified when they reopen starting with the relaunch on Febuary 9th. You will be given lots of additional content on pay per click in this launch so be ready.

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