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Ryan Deiss’s Facebook Ad Power is selling fast

I have been reading a bit more about Facebook Ad Power and there is a bit of hype going on about this latest advertising course from Ryan Deiss but I do not like his new domain name he is using for this product http://www.newtraffichoneyhole.com – sounds wrong to me!

It seems that he may have hit on a new PPC method(not really new but the 1st to seriosuly promote the use of it) but we’ll wait and see what happens when the hype wears down and we can get some serious case studies. For now the only statistics I have are from Ryan and those on the Facebook website but when you think of the potential it is pretty huge

  1. Facebook gets 39,000,000,000 (billion) page views every month
  2. Facebook ads convert considerably higher that Googles at usually HALF the price or less
  3. Facebook loves affiliates and lets them advertise not like Google

When you look at it like this, facebook advertising MAY well be a new way of advertising and can compete to some extent with Google PPC all be it on a smaller scale as people are not directly searching for a product in Facebook compared to a search engine.

If you want to know how to create an ad in facebook – have a look at my other blog post here – http://www.productlaunchvault.com/379/facebook-advertising-is-new-google-adwords/

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