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Is it Internet Marketing Seminar Season?

I don’t know if it is just me but is it internet marketing seminar season?

In the past week I have seen advertising for Armand Morin’s “Armand Morin Live” event which will be held in Los Angeles on March 12th – 14th, Perry Marshall’s Adwords Master Event Summit seminar will be held in Maui March 1st to 3rd and of course the big one being StomperNet LIVE 9 in Atlanta March 25th – 28th.

I guess the reason must be that it is spring but would love these to be more spread out a bit so more of us can attend more than one internet marketing training event due to costs.

So what are they all about well let me explain in my internet marketing seminar review or should I say preview:

Armand Morin Live

This is an intensive 3 day event being run solely by Armand.  What i have heard so far is that he will cover some pretty interesting topics not least the Visa/Mastercard crackdown with continuity programs which should be very interesting to see. And as good but probably boring! is the coverage on the stricter FTC regulations.

Aside from these areas which every internet marketer needs to know now, there are the following topics:

  1. How to dominate the “local search” business.
    This is to me key now for small businesses – make use of Google local it is excellent
  2. Why your “marketing sequence” is likely killing your conversions – and an easy method for quickly fixing it.
    I am not too sure what is likely to be covered here, doesn’t sound overly interesting to me
  3. How to REALLY leverage social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz.
    Blah Blah – more social media stuff – the Google Buzz reference is interesting though as I wonder exactly where this will head – will it compete with Facebook – I doubt it
  4. THE most effective (and highest converting) salesletter you should use
    Interested to hear what is going to be said here, especially after seeing the power of video sales letters which every Internet marketer uses nowadays. This must be the way of the future and what will be covered here
  5. Why Microsoft Bing is quickly becoming the “go-to” place for pay per click marketing and how you can easily stay ahead of your competition
    Really? I doubt it in most countries – maybe in USA this could be the case but I know in other countries such as Australia that Google takes about 90% of ALL serach engine traffic. Maybe this has the better ROI but that’s it. If you don’t get any traffic who cares about ROI!

Perry Marshall – Google Adwords Master Summit

Now before I start to explain what this is – there is a BIG caveat. You must have documented evidence that you spend over $5000 on PPC every month as this is a serious training on Google Adwords

Learn about some very serious Adwords features and knowledge from Perry and his team of experts. I had a look through the speaker list and I am seriously impressed – none other than Amit Mehta from PPC Classroom, Glenn Livingston of Rocket Clicks who a friend of mine said he is one guy you must follow, Jonathan Mizel who has been around for years and will be discussing media buys and one very interesting guy who I would love to see being Richard Stokes, president of AdGooRoo.com.

Richard is purportedly going to show some really key things like:

  • What’s the difference between the ACTUAL number of searches Google gets, and the number they tell you in their keyword tool
  • What were the top 10 affiliate ads in Google in 2009
  • What image ads are getting the most impressions on Google’s content network this month

and to quote Perry

You cannot be in the same room with Richard Stokes and not go away with 5X more insight on how the Google machine works

All in all an experts conference so head to Maui for at least a great holiday as well!

StomperNet LIVE 9

Tis is put on mainly for all the StomperNet members but there are limited tickets made available for the public for $197 but this is pretty good value considering you get 4 days of Internet marketing training for that price – bargain if you ask me.

Whereas most events are pretty standard stuff being speaker 1 speaker 2 and so on – I am very impressed with their strategy and is not so much a seminar but a full on conference with six separate tracks for breakout sessions plus the usual speakers – interestingly but there are no big headliners on this one.

  1. Beginner Track: Learn the basics in core disciplines like SEO and Social Media
  2. Advanced Track: Go deep with the StomperNet faculty members
  3. Tools Track: The StomperTools partners will be there to show you how to get the most out of the Tools
  4. Business Models Track: Learn about eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and other profitable online models from the best in the world.
  5. Boutique Track: Learn more about StomperNet’s boutique products like StomperSEOPro and StomperMobile
  6. Faculty Roundtable/Site Review Track – get your website reviewed by the experts or sit with them and ask your burning questions.

Definitely not the normal event  is it!

Well that’s it – any more internet marketing seminars or events comig up? Let me know and I’ll do a write up

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Who is Andrew Fox and What is Affiliate Millionaire – Video 1

I have just finished watching Andrew Fox’s video 1 in his pre-launch of Affiliate Millionaire which is scheduled to be released on February 23rd and I have to admit reviewing this I am quite impressed with him as a person even if I wasn’t impressed with his landing page! – Come on Andrew you can do better there.

andrew_foxFirstly, he is very down to earth in the way he speaks – could it be the Irish lilt? and yet he showed very clearly his wealth with his Ferrari outside the garage and his boat or should I say ship! traveling around the Mediterranean during Summer 2009 which he decided to take off on vacation. Now that is a great life isn’t it!

Now the question you may ask is WHAT DID HE DO to get all this money – and the answer is very clear – Affiliate Marketing which has made him a super affiliate i.e. mega successful and well known!
One example that Andrew showed in the video was making $39K in less than 5 days by promoting a $77 ebook called Day Job Killer which was a big launch back in (I think) 2007.

This whole social proof and selling his credibility was very well done.

So, what is this Affiliate Millionaire all about

affiliate millionaireFirstly, a very bold statement was made by Andrew.

This is not something you are going to learn from any forum or a cheap e book

Big stake in the ground there from him so each of the pre-launch videos that I will review I will be watching them very carefully indeed. What we know so far is that it is NOT about using Google Adwords and NOT about Social Media or Web 2.0 and interestingly he says that he is doing the opposite of what most gurus teach. It is clear that Andrew is a super affiliate and this phrase is used a lot in the video so let’s see what he has to offer in video 2.

Thoughts so far?

Still need to be convinced if you ask me right now. You are going to be bombarded with emails by people promoting this latest affiliate marketing product but so far the three pieces of proof I have seen showing the money being made are I think from 2007. Have a look and see what I mean – http://affiliatemillionairecontent.s3.amazonaws.com/prelaunchvid2.f4v

My question is, does this methodology that Andrew Fox will be providing in Affiliate Millionaire still work in 2010?

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Facebook Advertising – Ryan Deiss

Just been watching an interesting video about facebook advertising from Ryan Deiss about this being the new Google Adwords. Not suprising Ryan is about to launch Facebook Ad Power so the pre-launch is in full swing.

I have not seen anything like this before so it intrigued me and by all accounts, now is the time to start to learn about how to use Facebook as its popularity continues to grow.

Did you know that there are over 400 million Facebook members now and incredibly they have 39,000,000,000 (that’s BILLION) views per month.

What is amazing though with this new facebook advertising method is that you can advertise by demographics which is incredible.

How about advertising by sex,marital status, geography, interests, hobbies – now that is impressive and think about it. Whatever the niche you are in you can simply choose the demographics you are in. This means the traffic you will get is going to be ultra targeted.

Let’s use wedding planning as an example. What do you think you need to choose to advertise too?. How about single females in their 20s. Isn’t that great – your cost per click now and of course your cost per conversion will shoot up compared to Google.

Facebook Ad Power

Now that you understand the power of facebook advertising, let’s talk about what Ryan is up too.

His team have created a course called Facebook Ad Power which is a tested hundreds of ad variations, landing pages etc. and distilled this down into a course. With the price of the course, you get 12 months of updates so as things get tested and tweaked, you will get the latest updates. I like this sort of strategy as things will change and at least now you can get the benefits of updated sales copy, landing pages optimized for Facebook and much much more.

If you would like to find more, head on over to Ryan’s main site at interestingly –  http://www.newtraffichoneyhole.com/or if you simply want to watch the sales video here it is


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