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Infomillionaire is live again!

Infomillionaire and the monthly subscription being infomillionaire monthly is back online. A very quiet opening which was only announced if you are on twitter – PLEASE GET ON TWITTER NOW. Here it is below:

“TWITTER-ONLY ANNOUNCEMENT: InfoMillionaire is OPEN again!” RT if you see fit:

Check it out now before it goes again at http://www.infomillionaire.com

No long form sales letter this time but a video sales letter by Frank Kern and to quote him –

“…this is going to be the shortest sales video you have ever seen …”

I like Frank’s style and his different ways of trying things so let’s see how this launch goes – I give it one or two days max before it is pulled.

The price is still the same being $9.97 so get on board if you need good easy to follow internet marketing advice designed straight for the newbie marketer get on board. To me the best part is the infomillionaire monthly subscription (ongoing $38) which gives some really useful tools and advice such as the following in the first edition:

  • Landing pages
  • Killer copy
  • Affiliate 101
  • How to double your business overnight(most interesting article I read)

Enjoy and Good Luck


P.S. Please feel free to download my infomillionaire launch report, a detailed run through of the infomillionaire launch which happened from early to mid december 2008

Download Link ->  Infomillionaire Launch Report 

or “Right Click” here to download

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Infomillionaire Launch videos

Following on from the last post which gave you some details about the Infomillionaire launch, here is where you can access all the key video content provided by frank Kern and Trey Smith.
I am currently writing up a report which summarises the content from these videos which will be finished very soon which will be released free on this blog.

Video 1: http://www.infomillionaire.com/vid1/
Raw Video 1: https://infomillionaire.s3.amazonaws.com/howtogetrich.flv

Video 2: http://www.infomillionaire.com/vid-2/
Raw Video 2: https://infomillionaire.s3.amazonaws.com/trey_final.flv

Additional: http://www.infomillionaire.com/anthony.html
Raw Additional: https://infomillionaire.s3.amazonaws.com/anthony.flv

Video 3: http://www.infomillionaire.com/vid-03/
Raw Video 3: https://infomillionaire.s3.amazonaws.com/trey2.flv

Please note: These are links to the actual FLV files of this launch, which may at some point be taken down. I advise you to save a copy of particularly the videos to your local hard drive if you want to go through them in detail.


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Infomillionaire launch

Infomillionaire is the latest product launch by Frank Kern, however this time Trey Smith, Frank’s cousin is the guy fronting it.

It is a step-by-step guide to using their words “How To Get Rich Online” and comprises the following key areas:

  1. How to find a HOT market
  2. How to drive traffic to that market
  3. How to convert that traffic
  4. Expanding your business

Infomillionaire Product Details

Infomillionaire was launched on December 18th 2008 and was offered as a free product with you just having to pay for the shipping of $9.97. This is still quite a novel idea and Frank Kern and Yanik Silver did this themselves just recently however as with everything there is a catch and that is that you got the first copy of the new infomillionaire monthly subscription comprising a 30 page newsletter and a CD Rom with custom software which you will receive each month for just over $30. Basically a way of now generating a recurring revenue for Trey and Frank.

Key Infomillionaire Web Addresses

Blog: http://www.infomillionaire.com/blog

Website: http://www.infomillionaire.com

Infomillionaire Launch Details

The main launch composed of 3 key videos:

  1. “How to get Rich: A guaranteed approach
  2. Proof: $3,815,495.00 in the first 2 years
  3. How to increase sales by 500% … overnight

On my next post I will go through the contents of these videos and explain what they did.

Hope this is useful to you all. Let me know if this sort of breakdown is useful in my comments


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