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Sample of the Mass control monthly newsletter

As part of the new mass control 2.0 relaunch when you sign up during the pre-launch, you get a copy of one of frank kerns mass control monthly newsletters.

When you read through this, it is pretty detailed stuff and this edition refers to a classic example where an offline business – in this case about Tony Robbins does not understand how internet marketing can leverage the internet to improve their business. It is all about:

The Gospel Truth According To The Holy Laws Of Marketing:
1. The First Sale Is The Hardest One To Make.
2. Most Of Your Profits Are In The Back-End.

You need to have a systematic online plan for strategically selling more stuff to the people who already bought something and in this case it is using direct mail.

Frank goes into how he now uses direct mail to existing customers and provides some very impressive stats where he tested a sales letter (attached in the newsletter so you can see the full content) to customers of mike filsaime, jeff walker and frank himself suffice to say, conversion rates of 19.94% for mike filsaime, 13.59% for shawn casey all generating between $2,830 – $27,030 extra profit per month.

Frank’s direct mail system is as follows:

Step One: The Set Up – You have to have a reason for contacting these people
Step Two: Make An irresistible Offer
Step 3: A Reason To Order NOW
Step 4: Give Them Very Clear Ordering Instructions

All the details are in the newsletter available when you sign up so I won’t spoil Frank’s thunder

The next part of the newsletter is all about the triangle of trust which I referred to in the previous blog post – http://www.productlaunchvault.com/198/mass-control-sneak-attack-triangle-of-trust-video/

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Mass control relaunch – sneak attack – aka “triangle of trust” video

Now that jeff johnson’s re-launch is over for underground training club 2.0, it is time for the next guru relaunch i.e. mass control and I get this promoted by none other than jeff johnson – no messing there after being bombarded by jeffs emails. Also, I received just for starters emails fromĀ  jeff walker and john reese etc. i.e. some of the whos who of internet marketing.

mass control 2.0 is being relaunched on June 12th and this is what you will get below plus a special series of videos that were added since the launch in february which are all about list getting:

Anyway, the first email and pre-launch info you get is available here:


and if you just want the video direct, you can get it below:


Quoting from jeff walker:

“The first third of it is full of really silly shenanigans. You can skip through it (unless you just enjoy watching Frank being silly.) But about halfway through Frank starts diagramming his “triangle of trust”… and this is a great strategy on how to sell more stuff via email”

Jeff is so right with this – check out from 6 min 25 seconds when he starts to get into the triangle of trust which Franks says

“works better than anything I have ever really done before when selling to a list by email”.

Once you sign up for the usual free report which is in fact one of the mass control monthly newsletters – more to follow on this one.

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How to make your viral video tutorial from Jeff Johnson

By now you know that during internet marketing product launches you get a lot of content from the internet marketers and none more so than from jeff johnson as part of his underground training lab 2.0 coaching club relaunch.

What we see next in his launch (here)is how he goes about making a viral video in order to dominate the front page of google for a specific keyword. Once this video is on google and across a number of the top ten positions bang it goes off!.

In this case he explains it is all by creating a single video and then publishing it through a number of sources namely social media and video sharing sites. Pretty easy heh?

How to make your viral video tutorial

The core idea which I have summarized from his viral video tutorial is using an example of a video jeff created about a casio camera. Here it is.

  1. Create your video (I know I am stating the obvious!)
  2. Upload your video on multiple video sharing sites such as YouTube, Viddler, Metacafe, Daily Motion, Atom Films etc.
    This is done by using either trafficgeyser or tubemogul which allow you to upload your videos from these particular sites. Traffic Geyser is recommended by jeff as the better product
  3. Goto socialmarker.com and use this service to bookmark the page where the video is located at sites such as Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon
  4. Create (if you haven’t already) a MySpace, Facebook and Squidoo social profile page and add the video onto these pages
  5. Goto socialmarker.com again and bookmark these social profile pages
  6. Create up to 3 different blogs about the market that the video is in and create stories for that market which reference the video page
  7. Add an RSS feed from your blog onto your MySpace, facebook and squidoo page

Now, what you see here is that you have created a number of different pages across a large number of web sites all linking to each other. Google sees these as being different as the videos are from different video sharing sites and are seen as authorities due to all the different sites bookmarking them.

In order to make money from this, on your social profile pages such as Myspace and Facebook as well as the blogs, you need to link to a money site e.g. have a website which is an authority on casio cameras which promotes casio cameras through Amazon.

As you can see, Jeff provides a lot of good content and ideas from his coaching club and that’s just one small segment. You can see the full 15 minute video here -> How to make a video go viral and you can sign up to access more of his content.

Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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