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Mass Control
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Mass control relaunch – sneak attack – aka “triangle of trust” video

Now that jeff johnson’s re-launch is over for underground training club 2.0, it is time for the next guru relaunch i.e. mass control and I get this promoted by none other than jeff johnson – no messing there after being bombarded by jeffs emails. Also, I received just for starters emails from  jeff walker and john reese etc. i.e. some of the whos who of internet marketing.

mass control 2.0 is being relaunched on June 12th and this is what you will get below plus a special series of videos that were added since the launch in february which are all about list getting:

Anyway, the first email and pre-launch info you get is available here:


and if you just want the video direct, you can get it below:


Quoting from jeff walker:

“The first third of it is full of really silly shenanigans. You can skip through it (unless you just enjoy watching Frank being silly.) But about halfway through Frank starts diagramming his “triangle of trust”… and this is a great strategy on how to sell more stuff via email”

Jeff is so right with this – check out from 6 min 25 seconds when he starts to get into the triangle of trust which Franks says

“works better than anything I have ever really done before when selling to a list by email”.

Once you sign up for the usual free report which is in fact one of the mass control monthly newsletters – more to follow on this one.

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Underground Training Lab
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Jeff Johnson new traffic wordpress plugin as part of new launch

Good to see Jeff Johnson re-launching his Underground Training Lab 2.0 this upcoming June 4th. I don’t know about you but everyone is getting in on the 2.0 thing what with frank kerns mass control 2.0, jeff walkers product launch formula 2.whatever he is now up to –  it’s the new buzz in naming your products (not forgetting adding mafia to some of your launch material  -thanks frank!))

The one thing about jeff though is that he gets it – I don’t know if you have been to his underground training lab blog before but read some of the content posts and listen to some of the downloadable podcasts he has on there – they are really really interesting and there is some serious content.

Right now as part of his 2.0 launch he is giving away a free wordpress seo plugin which is his “Free Traffic-Getting SEO Blog Software” which I have installed on two of my new blogs and it is pretty awesome in that it makes all the changes required to optimise your blog for SEO. 

This plugin is really for anyone starting out who has installed their wordpress blog and then wants all the guess work taken out of what to do to get traffic. If that’s you then download the plugin! If you already have an established blog – DON’T use it as it changes a lot of your settings including permalinks – ouch!

The launch on June 4th will be for his coaching club and if you need any sort of help with your internet marketing career whether you are a newbie or an experienced pro – this is the man who has done it and he has the expertise for you. Signup to his underground training lab list here

Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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