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The Video Boss – What it’s all about

Well guys, The Video Boss will have launched by the time you read this since Tuesday 16th february at 4PM EST is when it all happens but depending on where you go, you may not know what it is all about and quite frankly after seeing what is in the content – man this is serious stuff.

What impressed me the most is when Rob Cowie – producer of The Blair Witch Project gave a very impressive testimonial for particularly Andy and when you watch Video 4, you will see what I mean. Check out my reviews of the first 3 videos in andy’s pre-launch at Video 1 ReviewVideo 2 Review and Video 3 Review

The Video Boss  – Course Curriculum

This is being released as a course lasting 6 months. You get the main content 1 module per week for the first 9 weeks with Module 1 & 2 released in week 1, Module 3 in week 3, module 4 in week 4 and so-on.

You have 30 days to try the first 4 modules with the usual money back guarantee. the price is $1997 or $388 per month for 6 months.

The modules that you will receive are as follows:

  • Video universe
  • Video laboratory
  • Live Video Production
  • Edit Like a Pro
  • Traffic Boss
  • Video Reviews
  • Video info Products
  • Behind the scenes of The Video Boss
  • How to do your own video product launch
  • Like a Boss Advanced

Some of the key things you will learn – there are way too many to mention here are:

  • 3 more script blueprints
  • Lead generation videos
  • Techno babble such as frame rates, bit rates
  • 7 part editing process
  • Voice over recording and breathing techniques
  • Camera set-up and on location vs studio
  • Camera operation angles,exposure etc.
  • Hard core editors training e.g. sound,motion,timeline and titles
  • Video SEO with Dan thiess and Leslie Rohde
  • Social media marketing with Don Crowther
  • YouTube marketing with Paul Colligan
  • Vidoe distribution with Mike Koenigs
  • Video product launches with Jeff Walker
  • and special effects and custom animation etc.

There is no way I can do justice with what this video marketing course contains and simply, if you are interested in really succeeding with video which is very much the way of the future I can certainly recommend The Video Boss .

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Andy Jenkins The Video Boss Video 1

Well, Andy Jenkins is back and after watching the first video of “The Video Boss” you can see we are in for one of those rides a la StomperNet.

I love the way he uses graphics, fonts and of course his usual wit throughout the video. So let me explain what this is all about:

Video Marketing Course Review

What we can see so far is Andy is launching a new product to teach you and I how to use video marketing.  To quote his number one thing:

Online Video Gets MORE MONEY than ANYTHING. Period.

The tools and techniques that Andy will be showing us as part of the pre launch videos made over $5,000,000 in sales.

The Video Boss – Video 1 Unplugged!

Video marketing is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get traffic

  • Don’t need a list
  • Don’t need JV partners
  • Don’t need slick copywriting skills

Video helped get more traffic and helped convert more and what do big marketers use when its time to launch their stuff – VIDEO

Classic comment from Andy – blah: “Smartest marketers use it – must be good”

What is interesting to not frighten people off is that Andy uses a combination of Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint to do most of his work

Overall thoughts on Video 1

Classis Internet marketing product launch is in the offing here. Looks like some of Frank Kern’s influence which wouldn’t surprise me with Andy now living in La Jolla.  Lots of location shots, dramatic music and of course good quality video production from andy of course.

Very much setting the scene with:

  1. Proof that Andy has done this – $5m of launches
    • Magic Bullet sales letter, Jeff walker’s Product launch Manager and SEO Brain trust initial video were all done by Andy

Dealing with objections:

  1. Tools are cheap- $39.95 Microphone headset, apple keynote or PowerPoint. Not some expensive microphone and video camera
  2. Competing with amateurs – used “how to bake a cake” as an example so by nature as we know what we are talking about, we must be able to do it
  3. You don’t need to be in the video(scares people) – Andy has been in 5 of his last 50 and one of those he was like an avatar!
  4. More Proof – “NY TImes 10th Nov 2009 – “Online ads are booming if they are attached to video!”
    – Video marketing is the fastest growing segment of internet advertising

Video Boss Squeeze Page

Here’s the link to the squeeze page below where it all starts and where you can sign up to get the email sequence with all the videos.


The main focus is How “Regular Folks” who are NOT professional Video-makers are CLEANING UP using simple video marketing strategies

Video 2

This will appear in the next few days and cover case studies of some people utilizing Andy’s methods such as:

On guy who used video and got 4m views
One technique that brought in 90K visitors per month
One guy who multiplied sales by 5x

All the case studies are by not professionals, not video editors, not trained speakers, they all made it up and copied andy’s Video Boss methods.

Will keep you updated in the coming days and maybe weeks on this one

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Sample of the Mass control monthly newsletter

As part of the new mass control 2.0 relaunch when you sign up during the pre-launch, you get a copy of one of frank kerns mass control monthly newsletters.

When you read through this, it is pretty detailed stuff and this edition refers to a classic example where an offline business – in this case about Tony Robbins does not understand how internet marketing can leverage the internet to improve their business. It is all about:

The Gospel Truth According To The Holy Laws Of Marketing:
1. The First Sale Is The Hardest One To Make.
2. Most Of Your Profits Are In The Back-End.

You need to have a systematic online plan for strategically selling more stuff to the people who already bought something and in this case it is using direct mail.

Frank goes into how he now uses direct mail to existing customers and provides some very impressive stats where he tested a sales letter (attached in the newsletter so you can see the full content) to customers of mike filsaime, jeff walker and frank himself suffice to say, conversion rates of 19.94% for mike filsaime, 13.59% for shawn casey all generating between $2,830 – $27,030 extra profit per month.

Frank’s direct mail system is as follows:

Step One: The Set Up – You have to have a reason for contacting these people
Step Two: Make An irresistible Offer
Step 3: A Reason To Order NOW
Step 4: Give Them Very Clear Ordering Instructions

All the details are in the newsletter available when you sign up so I won’t spoil Frank’s thunder

The next part of the newsletter is all about the triangle of trust which I referred to in the previous blog post – http://www.productlaunchvault.com/198/mass-control-sneak-attack-triangle-of-trust-video/

Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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