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Chris Carpenter
Google Cash Detective
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Google Cash Detective Free Trial has been extended to Tuesday June 23

I just received this email from chris carpenter :

Great news! Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback and the desire to give you more time to promote the Google Cash Detective Free Trial, we’ve extended the free trial.
The Google Cash Detective Free Trial has been extended to Tuesday, June 23.

Sounds impressive and you should definitely make use of google cash as now’s a great time to to learn to make money with ppc by getting free access for 7 days to test out the impressive google cash detective system. Just to so you know, you will access to all the keywords and google ads that are in the database ready for you to clone right away which will be a big help and all the bugs from the launch have been now fixed.

Be wary though, once you get started in the free trial you will get caught up in the (obvious if I may say so) new launch/relaunch which is clearly what chris is up to – good luck!

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PPC Classroom 2.0
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PPC Classroom 2.0 review – module 7 – launching your campaign

This is now the seventh of 9 ppc classroom 2.0 reviews and the seventh module is called “Launching Your Campaign… Do You Have a Dud, or a Winner?”.

You have built your adwords campaign and you set it to active – this is the point where you can have a success or a failure. What do you do next!

When you launch your campaign, amit works through the 4 different scenarios for every launch and how do you decide whether the adwords campaign is a success or not. The 4 scenarios are pretty well clear to everyone:

  1. Lots of traffic and lots of sales – BINGO
  2. Some traffic and some sales
  3. Some traffic and no sales
  4. Almost no traffic

Amit explains that regardless of the scenario, there is work to do – even if you are making sales. Looking at one of the scenarios – scenario 2 below, amit gives an example of what you should do

In this scenario, you’re getting a good amount of traffic; however, your conversion rate is woefully bad. You’re spending $200 per day but making only $50-$100 per day in sales, WAY below break even.
If this is the case, then here’s what may be the problem:

Are all your ads in position 1 or 2? If so then you’re bidding too high. You’re getting a ton of click-happy visitors and paying through the nose for it. Drop your bids by 30% (or more) across the board and reassess your campaign.
How targeted are your keywords? Check to see what keywords you are bidding on, and how targeted they are to your offer. If you have a lot of junk keywords in your list, they could be killing your conversion rate, especially if you’re getting a ton of traffic from these keywords.
Do Your Google ads make sense? Poorly written Google ads can also kill your conversions. Check to see if you’re following all the guidelines for writing Google ads I talked about in Module 4. Also, imagine you’re a visitor seeing your ad for the first time. Does it make sense? How does it compare to your competitor ads?
Your landing page may be poor. If you’re having doubts about your landing page, upload a set of ads that directly link to your merchant site and that are identical to your original ads (expect for the display URL, of course). This way, you can quickly test if your landing page is the problem by comparing your landing page conversion rate to the conversion rates you’re getting with direct linking.


All very good advice and I particulalry appreciate his advice as to when to suspend your campaign as he gives you clear advice atwhat point you need to move on

For now, you cannot buy ppc classroom 2.0yet but you can sign up to be notified when they reopen starting with the relaunch on Febuary 9th. You will be given lots of additional content on pay per click in this launch so be ready.

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PPC Classroom 2.0
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PPC Classroom 2.0 – module 4 review – part 1

This is now the fourth of 9 reviews of ppc classroom 2.0 and fourth module is called “How to Set Up Your AdWords Campaign Properly“.

This is where the meat of ppc classroom 2.0 begins and I like it. It is an extensive module covering all the steps on how to set-up your adwords campaign. I have split this post into two as there is a lot of material to cover.

Filtering keywords and negative keywords

Module 4 starts off discussing filtering your keywords and negative keywords which eliminates a lot of wasted adwords spend and helps your click through rate which in turn helps your quality. Negative keywords is critical and you should spend as much time on this as your main keyword list.

Segmenting keywords

The module then moves onto segmenting your keyword list which helps you with your upcoming creation of your ad groups. What I like about this is really how important going broad rather than deep is first. you are given advice in how to do your segmentation with examples and the use of one particular tool to do the segmentation

Structuring your adwords campaign

This is the key to successful pay per click and is where you set-up your campaigns with the whole method aiming to be one keyword per one ad group per segment. The reason is as follows:

The key to success with PPC is to be as granular and as relevant as possible. The more tightly you can target your keywords to your ad and landing page the better.
Here’s how being super relevant and granular with your AdWords campaign will benefit you:
Your CTR will be higher. Going back to the Inhabitliving.com example, if someone types in “modern feather pillows” and sees an ad about “modern feather pillows,” then they’re more likely to click on it then a generic ad about bedroom accessories.
Your conversion rate will be higher. Think about it. If you’re searching for “modern pillows,” you see an ad for “modern pillows,” and you’re then taken to a page about “modern pillows,” will you be more likely to buy than if you were just taken to the home page of inhabitliving.com from a completely generic ad that didn’t even mention modern pillows??
Your Quality Score will be higher. If your ad is tightly related to your keywords (keyword in the headline), and your landing page theme is related to your keywords, then you’ll get an excellent Google Quality Score right off the bat.

Now you may be thinking: “Amit, this sounds great. BUT it also sounds like an impossible amount of work to setup one keyword per ad group and two unique ads per ad group. What gives?”
That’s a great point; if you did this manually through the AdWords GUI, then it would take you a good few weeks to set up even a modest campaign.

However, later I’m going to show you an automated way in which you can set up a highly targeted, one-keyword-per-ad-group campaign in a matter of 20-30 minutes, whether your campaign has 200 keywords or 20,000 keywords…

Google Adwords Ad Creation

Continuing this module you go into detail about writing ads and learning the key tips to writing successful ads – what phrases to use, what you should not do and some very good examples of effective ads. In fact one of the bonuses you get is 101 successful ads which is excellent to give you ideas.
Would love to hear your comments on pcc classroom 2.0 if you already have bought it or please ask me any questions you have and I will be happy to answer them. For now, head on over to ppc classroom to sign up to be notified when they reopen starting with the relaunch from February 1st.

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