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Video Marketing
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The Video Boss – What it’s all about

Well guys, The Video Boss will have launched by the time you read this since Tuesday 16th february at 4PM EST is when it all happens but depending on where you go, you may not know what it is all about and quite frankly after seeing what is in the content – man this is serious stuff.

What impressed me the most is when Rob Cowie – producer of The Blair Witch Project gave a very impressive testimonial for particularly Andy and when you watch Video 4, you will see what I mean. Check out my reviews of the first 3 videos in andy’s pre-launch at Video 1 ReviewVideo 2 Review and Video 3 Review

The Video Boss  – Course Curriculum

This is being released as a course lasting 6 months. You get the main content 1 module per week for the first 9 weeks with Module 1 & 2 released in week 1, Module 3 in week 3, module 4 in week 4 and so-on.

You have 30 days to try the first 4 modules with the usual money back guarantee. the price is $1997 or $388 per month for 6 months.

The modules that you will receive are as follows:

  • Video universe
  • Video laboratory
  • Live Video Production
  • Edit Like a Pro
  • Traffic Boss
  • Video Reviews
  • Video info Products
  • Behind the scenes of The Video Boss
  • How to do your own video product launch
  • Like a Boss Advanced

Some of the key things you will learn – there are way too many to mention here are:

  • 3 more script blueprints
  • Lead generation videos
  • Techno babble such as frame rates, bit rates
  • 7 part editing process
  • Voice over recording and breathing techniques
  • Camera set-up and on location vs studio
  • Camera operation angles,exposure etc.
  • Hard core editors training e.g. sound,motion,timeline and titles
  • Video SEO with Dan thiess and Leslie Rohde
  • Social media marketing with Don Crowther
  • YouTube marketing with Paul Colligan
  • Vidoe distribution with Mike Koenigs
  • Video product launches with Jeff Walker
  • and special effects and custom animation etc.

There is no way I can do justice with what this video marketing course contains and simply, if you are interested in really succeeding with video which is very much the way of the future I can certainly recommend The Video Boss .

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Ryan Deiss
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Learn why Facebook advertising is the new Google Adwords

UPDATED: There is a new Facebook advertising course out right now from Ryan Deiss  Facebook Ad Power which is now taking the Internet by storm as it is such a new idea and according to Ryan very successful with great positive ROI. It was initially only going to be available for a short time but from what I have seen it will be online for a while as it is so popular.

If you want to read a bit more, you can read my initial facebook ad power review or just jump straight to the facebook ads site

I have not bought the course but it has made me think and whilst I have not yet created a new Facebook ad, I have had a look through the facebook ad creation section and what you can do and it is impressive.

Facebook -Create an Ad

Just thing about this, you have the potential of reaching over 400,000,000 active Facebook users and for each ad you create, you can target specific groups of users and can pay either as pay per click (PPC or CPC) or impression (CPM) in your local currency. Think about this, rather than using Google Adwords, you can tailor ads to 400,000,000 potential users and look at the diagram below, you can see the sort of tailoring you can do:

In terms of ad specifics, your title can have up to 25 characters, and the ad body can have up to 135 characters. You can add any sort of image which will be resized to fit in a 110px wide by 80px high box.

And now the biggie, you can target your ad based on the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Keywords
  • Education
  • Workplace
  • Relationship Status
  • Relationship Interests
  • Languages

Look at this list and depending on what product you sell means you can really direct your ad only to the most relevant people – married or not married(think dating products), students or not students, particular, hobbies and on the story goes.

But remember – Your ad should direct users to the most relevant landing page. When a Facebook user clicks on your ad, they should be taken immediately to a page that is specific to the information or product in your ad.

Reading some of the case studies, I see using Facebook examples of a CTR of 8-12% and of course a positive ROI as you are able to get ultra targeted traffic due to the criteria you are able to target your ad to.

So, to create an ad you need to go to the following url-  http://www.facebook.com/ads/create/

By the way, if you just want the link to the presentation, you can get it here –http://videosalesletters.s3.amazonaws.com/fb-salesvideo%20-%201.flv

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PPC Classroom 2.0
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PPC Classroom 2.0 review – module 8 – Why split testing is important

This is now the eighth of 9 ppc classroom 2.0 reviews with the eighth module being called “Why you need to split test”.

When you launch your adwords campaign, you can have one of 4 scenarios as discussed in my review of module 7. Let’s assume you have scenario 1 or 2, i.e. you have traffic and are making sales, it is now time to properly split test which is what amit goes into in this module.

Amit goes into a lot of detail with google ads, landing pages and focuses on the 4 critical elements on your landing page that you need to split test as well as the importance of understanding what statistically significant means as explained below:

As mentioned, a new PPC campaign should be set up to contain at least two ads per ad group. You need to know which ad will convert the best, etc.
Essential to this process is the ability to be able to collect statistically relevant data. In order to collect the data correctly you need to the set the “Ad Serving” option to Rotate.
This campaign setting ensures that both of the ads will be displayed equally, and will give you the chance to check which of the ads has the highest CTR.
You see, Google sees your ad as more relevant if more people are clicking on it. Since Google wants to give their visitors the most relevant results, they reward ads that generate high CTR (versus competing ads).
Taking this a step further, you can also split test your landing page for improved conversions. Don’t underestimate how powerful this can be. You can potentially double or triple your conversion rate by just changing the headline on your landing page!

Split testing and statistically significant results

Let’s start by talking about split testing your Google ads. Say you’re split testing two ads with the following stats:

Ad 1: Clicks: 7, CTR: 2.0
Ad 2: Clicks: 4, CTR: 1.5

Now, clearly Ad 1 is the winner, right? After all, it has significantly higher CTR.
Well, let’s let the above ads run longer to see if Ad 1 is really the winner. Here’s what we end up with:

Ad 1: Clicks 32, CTR: 1.54
Ad 2: Clicks 54, CTR: 2.22

WOW! What happened? Ad 1 was supposed to be the winner, but after letting the ads run longer, Ad 1 turned out to be a total loser. Making decisions based on poor statistics is a big reason many affiliates fail to successfully optimize their campaigns. Do not fall into this trap

This certainly makes you think and you can use the tool at http://www.splittester.com to check on your google ads. In order to test different landing pages, amit also shows you how to use a tool to assist which automatically can divert your traffic to different landing pages. Note: you can see this tool in action when you sign up to his free email content as he uses it there!

If you would like to know more about split testing and ppc classroom 2.0, head on over to their main page where you can sign up for their free content when they reopen starting with the ppc classroom 2.0 relaunch on February 9th.

Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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