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Chris Carpenter
Google Cash Detective
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Google Cash Detective Free Trial has been extended to Tuesday June 23

I just received this email from chris carpenter :

Great news! Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback and the desire to give you more time to promote the Google Cash Detective Free Trial, we’ve extended the free trial.
The Google Cash Detective Free Trial has been extended to Tuesday, June 23.

Sounds impressive and you should definitely make use of google cash as now’s a great time to to learn to make money with ppc by getting free access for 7 days to test out the impressive google cash detective system. Just to so you know, you will access to all the keywords and google ads that are in the database ready for you to clone right away which will be a big help and all the bugs from the launch have been now fixed.

Be wary though, once you get started in the free trial you will get caught up in the (obvious if I may say so) new launch/relaunch which is clearly what chris is up to – good luck!

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Rich Schefren
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Internet Busines Manifesto teleseminar recording

I am sure you have received one or two, no make that tens of emails promoting the Rich Schefren internet business manifesto teleseminar which he had over a couple of days May 27th and May 28th. The reason for this call was that Rich is about to relaunch his Guided Profit system and welcome to classic pre-launch stuff.

The call was just over 2 hours long and had talk about a who’s who of internet marketing on the call which delivered some awesome information from the following guys:

Mike Filsaime – Brad Fallon – Jeff Walker – Frank Kern
Willie Crawford – Joel Comm – Liz Thompson
John Carlton – Yaro Starak – Tellman Knudsen
Michael Cheney – Kevin Hogan

I’m not going to go into detail about what they said right now but suffice to say you can get the call through the main teleseminar page here and when you get the link through the email to download the teleseminar you get a synopsis of the call. If you want to avoid all the email trail, you can just get the manifesto teleseminar recording on mp3 audio¬†through this link here:


********** Note: After listening to this call, my first reaction was hang on a minute Рthis is familiar and then it hit me. It is a replay of the call from September 2008 when the latest rich schefren mainfestio style report was released i.e. the Uncertainty Report and the Guided Profit System was originally launched.

Just be aware of this when you listen to the call, the information is still valid but not from May 2009.

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Jeff Johnson
Underground Training Lab
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How to make your viral video tutorial from Jeff Johnson

By now you know that during internet marketing product launches you get a lot of content from the internet marketers and none more so than from jeff johnson as part of his underground training lab 2.0 coaching club relaunch.

What we see next in his launch (here)is how he goes about making a viral video in order to dominate the front page of google for a specific keyword. Once this video is on google and across a number of the top ten positions bang it goes off!.

In this case he explains it is all by creating a single video and then publishing it through a number of sources namely social media and video sharing sites. Pretty easy heh?

How to make your viral video tutorial

The core idea which I have summarized from his viral video tutorial is using an example of a video jeff created about a casio camera. Here it is.

  1. Create your video (I know I am stating the obvious!)
  2. Upload your video on multiple video sharing sites such as YouTube, Viddler, Metacafe, Daily Motion, Atom Films etc.
    This is done by using either trafficgeyser or tubemogul which allow you to upload your videos from these particular sites. Traffic Geyser is recommended by jeff as the better product
  3. Goto socialmarker.com and use this service to bookmark the page where the video is located at sites such as Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon
  4. Create (if you haven’t already) a MySpace, Facebook and Squidoo social profile page and add the video onto these pages
  5. Goto socialmarker.com again and bookmark these social profile pages
  6. Create up to 3 different blogs about the market that the video is in and create stories for that market which reference the video page
  7. Add an RSS feed from your blog onto your MySpace, facebook and squidoo page

Now, what you see here is that you have created a number of different pages across a large number of web sites all linking to each other. Google sees these as being different as the videos are from different video sharing sites and are seen as authorities due to all the different sites bookmarking them.

In order to make money from this, on your social profile pages such as Myspace and Facebook as well as the blogs, you need to link to a money site e.g. have a website which is an authority on casio cameras which promotes casio cameras through Amazon.

As you can see, Jeff provides a lot of good content and ideas from his coaching club and that’s just one small segment. You can see the full 15 minute video here -> How to make a video go viral and you can sign up to access more of his content.

Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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