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Why Yellow Pages Advertising is Dead! – [Free Report]

I am following up on my Main Street Marketing Machines video 1 review the other day and wanted to share something with you about Yellow Pages Advertising which I use with my local marketing offline clients.

This information is an absolute goldmine and really shows WHY products like Main Street Marketing Machines are ABSOLUTELY the way to go in 2010.

The Advertising Industry Is Changing

Looking back over the past three years and before if you ask yourself how did people find main street or local businesses what would your answer

The answer to most people is the Yellow Pages Directory.

Do you agree?

Now, think about what you did the last time you looked for someone yourself in one of these trades?

Did you get the directory out of the cupboard and pick up the Yellow Pages yourself or did you open your computer, start up the Internet do a search for e.g. “painter X” where X is your local area/zip/town/suburb.

Looking at consumers and how they go about purchasing goods and services:

Over 60% of all consumers turn now to the Internet first to research a business or purchase goods.


Over 82% follow-up their online research with a phone call or visit.

Quite eye opening isn’t it? which is why all the Internet marketing gurus are jumping on the bandwagon such as Kevin Wilke and Mike Koenigs now that they know how good this actually is.

Yellow Pages Free Report

The information I explain above is in my free report “Why Yellow Pages Advertising Is Dead!” which you can access here:


I hope that you find it useful and that this will help you in your main street marketing business yourself.


P.S. In the report, I mention my Main Street Marketing Machines bonus if you are SERIOUSLY interested in starting targeting local businesses in your town

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