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Yaro Starak Membership Site Mastermind – Masterplan Review

One guy who I have followed for years especially since he is a blogger about the Internet and more specifically Internet Marketing is Yaro Starak. Yaro has moved the freeline yet again and provided a 72 page downloadable PDF file plus an audio mp3 of the same product all about how to start a membership site called the Membership Site Masterplan. In the usual bullish way the title is “How To Make $250,000 By Launching Your Own Membership Site“.

Yaro has provided this free report as part of the relaunch of Membership Site Mastermind which is a six week training course about the model Yaro uses to run a  number of his membership sites.

Membership Site Masterplan Review

Reviewing the free masterplan PDF that Yaro provides shows that this is very very detailed for a free report and when you start reading this, you can see the technologies and more importantly the psychology behind why he does things and when. The style is very conversational and discusses various options e.g. possible ways to deliver the content, how to collect payments and so on.

At the end of the day – the technology side is the simple part e.g. WordPress is Yaro’s technology of choice now and I couldn’t agree more – note this blog is WordPress and I intend to develop a membership component built on this site too. The real key for a membership site and this is where the Membership Site Masterplan really succeeds is the other components which you need to thing about namely:

  1. Social triggers to influence people to join
    These are – Provide social proof, proof, reciprocity, risk reversal and urgency
  2. Pricing
    How much, how often and how to collect
  3. Value & Content – The importance of perceived value and content.
    A simple way of understanding if the content is good is the retention rate of the members
  4. Pre-Launch vs Launch
    What to give out, how long to take and so on

Obviously in a free report, the information is fairly high level but it does well in giving you the bare bones to start your own membership site but the real detail clearly is in the membership site mastermind course


Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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