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How To Make A Closing Video -Andy Jenkins style

I have just finished watching the second video in Andy Jenkins launch of “The Video Boss” series. This time the video is called “The Little Boss” and is all about creating video that closes the sale and all I can say is awesome.


I have just learnt about tons of stuff I had no idea and I have to share this with you. If you missed the first video, you can get my “The Video Boss Video 1 Review

Andy taught us about a process to create this video that closes the sale i.e. the end of the visitor experience which is the last thing that a person sees while making a decision to buy.

Step 1 -Script of the video

The key thing here is the better the script, the happier the viewer and the way you do it is with Andy’s “The Little Boss FAB Technique
Look at the product you are trying to sell and make note of the product features, create an advantage per feature and then a benefit as per the below formula:

F = Feature
A = Advantage
B = Benefit

Taking an example that Andy used in his video for a Kodak camera
F – Take Full HD 1080p videos wherever you go
A – Full 1080P is the highest resolution of high definition available
B – Your videos will capture every important detail from your kids cheering smile and those funny moments

This is the basic formula behind successful sales videos, infomercials and direct response advertising.

Step 2 – the Opening Statement

In every video you create, you have 8-15 secs to get attention and you need to make a statement to get the message across. Not surprising there is a formula for this part too:


Always start with following:

  • “In this video I’m going to show you why …..”

The aim is to make the viewer concentrate on what’s being said and shown in the video.

  • the 2nd part is the key outcome that you want them to focus on
  • the 3rd part is the Why – How Does It Help them?

Step 3 – Get a template and add text and images

Using either Keynote or PowerPoint get a professional design where possible or a free template. It is good if you can find one related to the product you are trying to sell, e.g. “camera template”

The key thing here is that on each slide you need to enter one feature. You will then read the feature, advantage and benefit

The reason is that:
Features = Quantity. The features must be spelled out on the slide
Advantages and Benefits = Quality or Condition. They have emotional value and hearing advantage and benefits. causes feelings to stay with you

You now need to add relevant images to each slide

1. Get an image that represents the feature in action
2. Add emotional images that connect your message with your viewer
3. Use images to make viewers understand

There is a powerful relationship between what is said and what is seen

Step 4 – Add energy to your slides

It is important to give each slide energy as

Every time something moves it resets viewers attention span

You need to create transitions and animations on each item on video an as Andy said, read the manual on how to do this!

Step 5 – Practice your script and record it

Step through a few or dozen times practicing and a tip is to pretend you are telling your story to a friend. When you are ready, start saying your script in presentation mode

In keynote – you can record slideshow and plug in your microphone.
In PowerPoint, you need to use either Camtasia or Camstudioto do the recording.

The End

And that’s Andy’s process. It sounds easy on the surface but I can bet you it will take time to get the text right, find the images to illustrate all the slides and get it right but man that was some good content from him.

Let’s see what Video 3 is like now!

Affiliate Idea using Video

Andy showed a good example using a camera and this should be pretty easy to give this a go by creating a video of a product from amazon in which the link is to your affiliate link. Would this work, I can’t see why not – just got to make sure you can launch amazon from the video. Can this be done easily?

The Little Boss Resources

Here are a few sites that Andy referenced in the video of where to get images from

Clipart.com -very good source of clipart and images
Animation factory – also recommended
DigitalJuice – Professional Animations

And finally, if you want the link to the video – here it is:


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