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Get Money From Google
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Get Money From Google – Perry Belchers system reviewed

I have finally finished listening and watching all the get money from google material by perry belcher and ryan deiss. I have to say it is very good and I have learnt a lot of very useful information which i am currently implementing on some of my sites.

When you look at the get money from google system, its all about creating a product of your own (very quickly with little effort and it doesn’t have to be perfect) whether it be audio or an ebook, you then use google adwords to drive traffic and provide an upsell to create additional lifetime customer value.

Not a difficult idea to grasp and get money from google is definitely worth $27.

Some of the good parts that I found:

1. You get to see example templates of landing pages and understand more about the google quality score, what really does work and what doesn’t
2. What you should do with adwords – the types of ads that work well with the search network vs the content network and so on. Bearing in mind perry belcher has spent over $7.3m using adwords of which 50% is on the content network gives the guy some credibility and he does know his stuff
3. where to get your material for your front sell and upsell product from – think plr, articles and videos

4. how to build your upsell and what are the best types to use – know brainer here on one of them being a continuity program of some sort – goto any marketer now and everyone is talking about residual income of some sort and ryan deiss is the master of this with his continuity blueprint programme

5. One of the bonuses you receive with this course is the automatic daily income system from ryan deiss which follows on from point 4 above. This is an awesome mp3 product in itself going for 1 hour 11 mins and surprising really to see it as a bonus giving you very clear guidance on how to build your continuity income.

I am currently finalizing my first project using get money from google so I will let you know how I go.

All in all get money from google is all not difficult at all to implement and pretty well anyone can do this as long as you take action!. Thumbs up from me

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PPC Classroom 2.0
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PPC Classroom 2.0 review – module 6

This is now the sixth of 9 reviews of ppc classroom 2.0 and the sixth module is called “Deciphering the Elusive Google Quality Score”.

Google quality score

The google quality score is probably the most misunderstood part of google adwords and is the reason most affiliates give up on Google due to the impact quality score can have on your adwords campiagns.

The quality score was introduced by google to make sure that when a user clicks on paid ads, i.e. the ads on the top and right hand side of the search engine that they go to a page that shows relevant pages and products. The message from ami is that if you don’t get this right, forget adwords right now.

In pcc classroom 2.0 module 6, amit goes into a lot of detail and best practices focusing on a detailed breakdown of the four critical factors that make up the google quality score and in particular, the information that amit has worked out over the years which help your quality score. Reviewing amit’s tips and tricks, you can see that amit has been doing this for a long time and some of his ideas are now being incorporated into other products such as Get Money From Google which also deals with landing pages.

Explaining this in more detail, the reason the quality score is so important is explained by amit mehta below:

Quality score is the difference between a campaign with a poor quality score and a great quality score is often the difference between a campaign that’s losing money versus one that’s making money.
A poor quality score will force you to pay more per click, cutting directly into your ROI; that is, if you’re profitable at all.
What’s worse is that your minimum bids will be MUCH higher as well! High minimum bids will disable a lot of your keywords and reduce the amount of traffic you can buy.
If you have a “low quality” landing page in Google’s eyes, then your minimum bids will go up to $5-$10 and you will get ZERO traffic. On the other hand, if you have a great landing page quality score, then you can expect to get discounted clicks and have 90% or more of your keywords active and getting traffic.

Competitive Advantage

Having a great quality score (compared to your competition) gives you a HUGE competitive advantage. You’re not just paying LESS per click for the same keywords; you’re getting a lot more traffic since you’re also showing up for keywords your competitors are not.
Here are the three areas you need to focus on in order to get the best possible quality score:
1. Properly setting up your campaign (as I discussed in Module 4)
2. Split testing your ads for high CTR
3. Building an affiliate site that will get a good landing page QS

For now, head on over to ppc classroom to sign up to be notified when they reopen starting with the relaunch from what is now February 9th. You will be given lots of additional content on pay per click in this launch so be ready.

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PPC Classroom 2.0
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PPC Classroom 2.0 – module 3 review

This is now the third of 9 reviews of ppc classroom 2.0 and this third module is called “Direct Linking vs. Landing Pages”.

This is a very short chapter and addresses the pros and cons of direct linking versus landing pages predominantly and there really is no option – to be successful, you need to use landing pages however there is still a case for direct linking as is explained in the course.

But where are landing pages going, this excerpt shows exactly where and is covered in a lot of detail:

From the direction I see this industry headed, I believe building valueadded affiliate sites, and not just one-page landing pages or direct linking, is the KEY to sustained profitability. Why? PPC search engines, especially Google, are moving increasingly towards a convergence between paid search (PPC) and natural search.

This means that if you want to rank well and have a good quality score on the PPC side of the equation, you need to have a site that will also do well on the free search engine side of the equation.
What does that mean? In so many words, you need a niche authority site that has substantial
compelling content that will bring people back to the site over and over and will want to link to it. “But Amit, it will take years to build something like that!” Well, you better get started then! Your first step is to find a profitable niche in which you’re making at
least $500-$1,000 per day in profit through PPC, for a quality product or service that will be around for a long time.

Would love to hear your comments on pcc classroom 2.0 if you already have bought it or please ask me any questions you have and I will be happy to answer them. For now, head on over to ppc classroom to sign up to be notified when they reopen starting with the relaunch from Febuary 1st.

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