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Learn about Local Marketing through these Webinars

What is it with Mike Koenig’s Main Street Marketing Machine and Kevin Wilke’s Local Business Money Machine competing against each other?

Main Street Marketing MachineI have been following Mike’s launch intently over the past few weeks and have been very impressed with the content, production and interestingly have enjoyed the San Diego mafia sticking together to promote it! not least with Andy Jenkins providing the video production – why I am not sure since Mike has his own studios(I think he does anyway- Digital Cafe).

Anyway, on to my blog post and the fact that there have been webinars provided by both Mike Koenigs and Kevin Wilke showcasing their products and in good old Product Launch Vault style, here are the links to download these webinars:

StomperNet(David Preston and Big Jason) interviews Mike Koenigs


Ryan Deiss interviews Kevin Wilke


I hope you find these local marketing webinars useful – download them today before they disappear!

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Download My Free Report – Frank Kern List Control Swipe File

I have created a super download for you today fresh from one of the biggest launches in Internet Marketing in 2010

  • Frank Kern’s List Control Swipe File

All my opinions, comments, information, links, downloadable videos and emails from Frank Kern’s launch

Download Frank Kern List Control Swipe File

I hope you find it useful – there’s some really good stuff inside like:

  1. The email sequence that I received- dates, content and even split tests
  2. Direct Links to the good karma software, 4 day cash machine AND Core Influence and Core Influence 2 – which are amazing videos from Frank
  3. Additional interviews with marketers such as Ryan Deiss, Andy Jenkins and Eben Pagan – great content on its own!

Download List Control Swipe File

I hope you find it useful, I know what it is like to miss getting copies from product launches so this time you will not miss out on frank kern’s list control!

UPDATE: 8th April 2010 – Daniel McClure¬† from http://danielmcclure.com has also released a different style report with more analysis of Frank’s list control launch. Check his site out too as his report complements mine



P.S. If you want more swipe files like this, PLEASE don’t forget to sign up top right to get on my subscriber list today!

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Facebook Advertising – Ryan Deiss

Just been watching an interesting video about facebook advertising from Ryan Deiss about this being the new Google Adwords. Not suprising Ryan is about to launch Facebook Ad Power so the pre-launch is in full swing.

I have not seen anything like this before so it intrigued me and by all accounts, now is the time to start to learn about how to use Facebook as its popularity continues to grow.

Did you know that there are over 400 million Facebook members now and incredibly they have 39,000,000,000 (that’s BILLION) views per month.

What is amazing though with this new facebook advertising method is that you can advertise by demographics which is incredible.

How about advertising by sex,marital status, geography, interests, hobbies – now that is impressive and think about it. Whatever the niche you are in you can simply choose the demographics you are in. This means the traffic you will get is going to be ultra targeted.

Let’s use wedding planning as an example. What do you think you need to choose to advertise too?. How about single females in their 20s. Isn’t that great – your cost per click now and of course your cost per conversion will shoot up compared to Google.

Facebook Ad Power

Now that you understand the power of facebook advertising, let’s talk about what Ryan is up too.

His team have created a course called Facebook Ad Power which is a tested hundreds of ad variations, landing pages etc. and distilled this down into a course. With the price of the course, you get 12 months of updates so as things get tested and tweaked, you will get the latest updates. I like this sort of strategy as things will change and at least now you can get the benefits of updated sales copy, landing pages optimized for Facebook and much much more.

If you would like to find more, head on over to Ryan’s main site at interestingly –¬† http://www.newtraffichoneyhole.com/or if you simply want to watch the sales video here it is


Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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