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Listbuilding club – New sales process

One thing I have found strange in the last few days is that Tellman Knudson and Shawn Casey’s  http://www.listbuildingclub.com has changed their home page from a long form sales letter back to a squeeze page which now gives you access to the “FREE Ferrari Call” teleseminar. This is where you can register for the teleclass being held on January 13th at 2PM EST.

Once you register, you are given your access details but as part of the 3 step process they mention, you are given access to the order form through a so-called prep/homework link.

“Step 3. Get on the fast track! Do Your Prep Work for the Call Now…Click Here

I guess this is some new strategy being tested so will be interesting to see if others start to take note of this in the future and what the results end up being.

Even when you get to this new order page at http://www.listbuildingclub.com/homework/ it has been changed to be another mini squeeze page.

Interesting process and a lot of name and email address entering taking place however when you can get membership to their club for $1 for the first month, who cares!

Check it out and let me know what your thoughts are about their new sales page strategies

Good Luck

best wishes

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