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Sample of the Mass control monthly newsletter

As part of the new mass control 2.0 relaunch when you sign up during the pre-launch, you get a copy of one of frank kerns mass control monthly newsletters.

When you read through this, it is pretty detailed stuff and this edition refers to a classic example where an offline business – in this case about Tony Robbins does not understand how internet marketing can leverage the internet to improve their business. It is all about:

The Gospel Truth According To The Holy Laws Of Marketing:
1. The First Sale Is The Hardest One To Make.
2. Most Of Your Profits Are In The Back-End.

You need to have a systematic online plan for strategically selling more stuff to the people who already bought something and in this case it is using direct mail.

Frank goes into how he now uses direct mail to existing customers and provides some very impressive stats where he tested a sales letter (attached in the newsletter so you can see the full content) to customers of mike filsaime, jeff walker and frank himself suffice to say, conversion rates of 19.94% for mike filsaime, 13.59% for shawn casey all generating between $2,830 – $27,030 extra profit per month.

Frank’s direct mail system is as follows:

Step One: The Set Up – You have to have a reason for contacting these people
Step Two: Make An irresistible Offer
Step 3: A Reason To Order NOW
Step 4: Give Them Very Clear Ordering Instructions

All the details are in the newsletter available when you sign up so I won’t spoil Frank’s thunder

The next part of the newsletter is all about the triangle of trust which I referred to in the previous blog post – http://www.productlaunchvault.com/198/mass-control-sneak-attack-triangle-of-trust-video/

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Listbuilding club – Special VIP Call with eben pagan

Here is the replay of a VIP call from January 8th between eben pagan, tellman knudson and shawn casey in which went through a number of list building and online business building tips. This is from a part if the launch process of Listbuilidng club which is on the market for a $1 for the first month right now.

Access this VIP call here:

You may already know if you have been following the Listbuilding club launch that they are giving away a Ferrari 360 Spider and there will be a teleseminar on Tuesday, January 13th at 2:00 PM Eastern, 11:00 AM Pacific  in which they talk about how to win the ferrari.

If you go to http://www.listbuilding.com you will be able to sign up to attend this call with Tellman and Shawn.

Good Luck

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Arbitrage Conspiracy
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Arbitrage Conspiracy – list of bonuses

Hi Guys,

Here is the link to the new teleseminar and the bonuses that are now in the arbitrage conspiracy course. The teleseminar was recorded on December 23rd 2008 with Aymen in which he did a Q&A

 Arbitrage Conspiracy – Bonuses and December 23rd teleseminar

In addition, you can download the file direct at:

Download arbitrage conspiracy teleseminar audio mp3 file

You really do now need to check out the bonuses on offer when you sign up for the conspiracy. Some of the top internet marketers have given a bunch of their stuff for free when you sign up and there is some interesting stuff.

  • Joel Comm – “Aymen knows more about adwords and converting offers”
    Joel is giving 7 audio interviews that were a basis of his “Amazon bestseller – Click Here To Order” which detail how the following marketers became successful online. An they are: “Jeff Walker, Armand Morin, John Reese, Marlon Sanders, Yanik Silver and Mike Filsaime
  • Tellman Knudsen – Giving away is $3997 perpetual marketing machine course which has sold thousands. this teaches you how to build a list, get big names of industry to promote you, create products with no experience and munch much more.
  • Mark Goodson – Is a coach in neuro sciences and giving his “Moulding your Reality” course which helps you embed skillsets without consciously using them at all. It is 18 weekly lessons in NLP, neurological repatterning and creation technologies.
    This normally costs $397. in addition, you can get certified in NLP, neurological repatterning and life coaching through a live course which normally costs $3500 for 40 hours and you will get a certificate for $1000 off.
  • Yanik Silver – Giving 2 bonuses. the 1st a selection of Yanik’s favorite presenters from the last 3 Undergrounds. Each ticket to the underground costs between $2000 and $3500.
    Other bonus is for 50 people only buying through Yaniks link which is a private lunch with Aymen at Underground in Washington DC  Feb 22nd 2009.
  • Shawn Casey – Giving “The Money Masters” – a collection of interviews with brad fallon, stephen pierce, alex mandossian, rich schefren, yanik silver and more. 14 people grilled for 1.5 hours  giving 21 hours of audio. This normally costs $1000.
  • Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher – Over the years these guys have taken a diary of 400 adwords split tests and of these 43 have almost always increased conversions. They are giving these 43 ads. Also giving “Get money from google” 4-5 hours of audio and some video. Also, “Automatic daily income ” an audio program teaching you about recurring income streams and continuity programs. Also, “How to make money with your microphone”

Well, that’s it with all the bonuses and there is much more apparently when you sign up to the Arbitrage Conspiracy. You can see the video in full when they detail all the above on the same page as the teleseminar at:

Arbitrage Conspiracy – Bonuses and December 23rd teleseminar



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