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Product Launch Formula
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Jeff walker’s product launch formula sales videos

I don’t know about you but everyone these days has heard of jeff walker’s product launch formula – the bible of how to launch a product whatever the niche you are in.

If you go to his website (squeeze page) at http://www.productlaunchformula.com or his blog related to this at http://www.productlaunchformula.com/2/blog/ , you can go through the process of watching all the videos that he has on PLF and start to put into practice a lot of his free material.

For those of you who would like a short cut (I don’t recommend it as you will miss out on the emails that follow), here are the links to all of his videos that are currently being offered as part of this follow up sequence and through the blog.

Product Launch Formula Home Page



After you have gone through the squeeze page, you get access to these two videos which are a case study showing what jeff calls the “horizontal helix” launch method 

Mini Case Studies

Neil Stafford – Football Coach
Chuck Smith – Quilting
Kyle Battis – Membership site – Fitness

Jeff walker at Strategic Profits Conference


Death of Launches


Product Launch Blueprint

Part 2 is particularly good where jeff gives you the actual blueprint he follows, in otherwords the sideways sales letter.


Pressure Stack

Released on Nov 16th 2008, this was a new video created for release of product launch formula 2.1 in which jeff talks about the “pressure stack” and the “double live stack” methods


I think all of this material is awesome and he is the go-to guy for this sort of thing so enjoy these videos and hopefully you will be able to put some of these product launch formula tips and ideas into operation

Good Luck


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