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Jeff Johnson
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Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo – Traffic Getting Program

I have just reviewed the approach of Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo – a new 8 week traffic getting training program containing access to training materials and live group coaching calls in a new membership site.

Firstly, Traffic Voodoo is NOT intended for newbies however there is a newbie element if required but Jeff has made this very clear, it is not designed for newbies out there. I get the feeling it is very focused on real life examples (he mentions this a lot!) and is a step by step guide to what Jeff uses in his business.

Day 1 of the pre-launch is March 22nd with Jeff providing his Traffic Launcher Formula Cheat Sheets with GO-LIVE on March 29th so here’s what Traffic Voodoo – Traffic Getting Program is all about:

Week 1 & 2 – Traffic Getting Quick Start

This is all about Jeff’s best stuff, the things he uses every day. What websites you should create, how to create opt in pages, squeeze pages, getting traffic and converting traffic

Week 3 – Converting more of your traffic into leads and money

All about tracking and conversions, use of banner ads, creating your own banners.

Looking at real life examples, showing you  inside Jeff’s business

Testing and conversion – opt in templates,
Real life examples bothinside Internet marketing and also outside the im space

Week 4 – Social Media Traffic Machine

Focusing on YouTube, Facebook particularly. Looking at these as a sales funnel

Week 5 – Instant Traffic Money Machine

Use of PPC, PPV, CPA. How to get this traffic and dirt cheap, how to test traffic, how to convert and look at real life offers
Do you want traffic at 1c or 2c per click?

Week 6 – Instant Affiliate traffic

How to add affiliates to send more traffic and how to sell others affiliate products.
All about creating influence and respect amongst your community. What pushes Jeff’s buttons!

Week 7 – List Building Money Machine

Did you know that Jeff’s list is small compared to others(probably Frank and co.!) I know from experience that Jeff has his own unqiue style and jeff is very good at building relationships with his list.

Your list is your instant traffic – very List Control!

Week 8 – Review

Jeff will go over all traffic getting areas again in grouop coaching calls

Traffic Voodoo – Overall Product

Firstly it is not an interview type product, it is a traffic getting training program teaching you all about how to get more traffic and how to convert it into more money. Jeff will have some gurus and some non gurus helping out Jeff who already make money

If you would like more information and to be at the fore front of the pre-launch to jeff johnsons’ traffic voodoo on March 22nd, here’s the link – Traffic Voodoo

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StomperMobile – How to market to mobile devices

There is nothing like a new product that is NEW and EXCITING and StomperMobile from the StomperNet team looks like just that. We all know that mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone, smart phones such as the Nokia E71 which I currently use are going to be the way of the future with the iPhone at the forefront of this technology so being marketers amongst us – we MUST know how to market to mobile devices – i.e. mobile marketing

Dan Hollings a StomperNet faculty member is the brains behind this and if you check out his website, you will see what I mean – I have to admit I have never seen SMS marketing tips being sent out before but this shows you he is there NOW.

StomperMobile – Lesson 1

On entering the StomperMobile launch page and entering the usual email address(just skip by Brad Fallon!) you will get to Lesson 1 and 9 minutes of info from Dan but the real nifty thing is the follow up marketing by social media via MSN and text messaging – will it be a bit overwhelming – let’s see

In the sign up you are presented with this as part of the screen:


Just fill in your details(whatever country you are in its OK – I did this from Australia and it worked fine) as you get immediate follow ups and mobile coupons (P.S. Its a discount off StomperMobile when it is released!).

More About StomperMobile?

On March 15th StomperMobile will be launched which will be a 12-week intensive program learning how to market to prospects and customers via their mobile devices.

The three key areas in the course are:

  1. Marketing using Mobile Devices (text message/mobile message)
  2. Location-Based Social Media (ground-breaking)
  3. Mobile Bar Codes for Traffic (ground-breaking)

with this being made up of ten different sessions and quoting from StomperNet, these sessions are as follows:


  • The 2010 Mobile Marketing Mandate
  • Why Mobile Marketing is Radically Different from Marketing?
  • Tapping the Mobile Audience Now
  • PLAN OF ACTION: Build a Mobile Website and Transition Page


  • Avoiding the Biggest Mistake Marketers make on Mobile
  • Mobile Marketing Best Practices
  • The Mobile Campaign Launch
  • PLAN OF ACTION: Complete the “Who Wants What Mobile Campaign Worksheet.”


  • How to Use Text Messaging as a Marketing Tool
  • The FOUR SECRETS to Text Messaging Success
  • Insiders Tour of StomperQast (SMS System)
  • PLAN OF ACTION: Set-up Your StomperQast Text Messaging System


  • How to Tap Mobile Twitter Marketing Opportunities
  • How to Tap Mobile Facebook Marketing Opportunities
  • PLAN OF ACTION: Implement a Twitter and/or Facebook Mobile Strategy.


  • How-To Embed Mobile Within Your Total Marketing Canvas
  • PLAN OF ACTION: Integrate Mobile into at least one existing marketing strategy.


  • The Coming Social Media Behemoth for 2010
  • Maximizing the SEO Advantage
  • PLAN OF ACTION: Open Accounts and Establish Your Business


  • Turning the Physical World into Mobile Hyperlinks
  • QR Codes / 2-D Bar Codes / EZ Codes
  • PLAN OF ACTION: Install Mobile Scanning Software / Create a 2-D Bar Code


  • What and How to Track, What to Tweak
  • Mobile Web Analytics
  • PLAN OF ACTION: Implement a Tracking/Tweaking Strategy


  • How is Mobile Search Different than Web Search?
  • Easy SEO Strategies for Mobile
  • Mobile Advertising & Direct Response
  • PLAN OF ACTION: Set-up or improve your Mobile List Building Strategy


  • Advanced Site and E-Commerce Secrets
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • Kindle Kash
  • PLAN OF ACTION: Select an area of interest from this weeks’ session and implement it.

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    Affiliate Millionaire
    Andrew Fox
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    Who is Andrew Fox and What is Affiliate Millionaire – Video 1

    I have just finished watching Andrew Fox’s video 1 in his pre-launch of Affiliate Millionaire which is scheduled to be released on February 23rd and I have to admit reviewing this I am quite impressed with him as a person even if I wasn’t impressed with his landing page! – Come on Andrew you can do better there.

    andrew_foxFirstly, he is very down to earth in the way he speaks – could it be the Irish lilt? and yet he showed very clearly his wealth with his Ferrari outside the garage and his boat or should I say ship! traveling around the Mediterranean during Summer 2009 which he decided to take off on vacation. Now that is a great life isn’t it!

    Now the question you may ask is WHAT DID HE DO to get all this money – and the answer is very clear – Affiliate Marketing which has made him a super affiliate i.e. mega successful and well known!
    One example that Andrew showed in the video was making $39K in less than 5 days by promoting a $77 ebook called Day Job Killer which was a big launch back in (I think) 2007.

    This whole social proof and selling his credibility was very well done.

    So, what is this Affiliate Millionaire all about

    affiliate millionaireFirstly, a very bold statement was made by Andrew.

    This is not something you are going to learn from any forum or a cheap e book

    Big stake in the ground there from him so each of the pre-launch videos that I will review I will be watching them very carefully indeed. What we know so far is that it is NOT about using Google Adwords and NOT about Social Media or Web 2.0 and interestingly he says that he is doing the opposite of what most gurus teach. It is clear that Andrew is a super affiliate and this phrase is used a lot in the video so let’s see what he has to offer in video 2.

    Thoughts so far?

    Still need to be convinced if you ask me right now. You are going to be bombarded with emails by people promoting this latest affiliate marketing product but so far the three pieces of proof I have seen showing the money being made are I think from 2007. Have a look and see what I mean – http://affiliatemillionairecontent.s3.amazonaws.com/prelaunchvid2.f4v

    My question is, does this methodology that Andrew Fox will be providing in Affiliate Millionaire still work in 2010?

    Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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