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Andy Jenkins – Great blog post – “If I had to start over from scratch”

It’s not often I read all of a blog post from some of the internet marketers out there but this post from Andy Jenkins gave a ton of advice and is thoroughly recommended to read. I have taken out the 7 key points that Andy talked about about how he began again after leaving StomperNet and it is very insightful into what anyone can do and also looking at Andy as a person

1. Blog – The first site I built once I was on the west coast and settled in was AndyJenkinsBlog.com. I needed a place for people who knew me to find me again. And I needed a place for people to discover me. Having been on the web since before blogs existed, I have to say it’s my preferred “personality platform” nowadays. I can post my content, get comments, branch off into social sites like twitter, and build my list, right from the same site.
GAVIN Comment– Blogs and particularly using WordPress is the absolute must way to use the Internet now. If I can be blunt – other systems such  as Drupal and Joomla just do not cut it and the days of just HTML are long gone.

2. List – As I mentioned above, if you want true leverage in an online business, you can’t depend on traffic sources you don’t control directly. They always say “the money is in the list” and dang if “they” aren’t right in this case. The very 2nd thing I did on my blog was to add a list opt-in and start getting subscribers

3. Content – Obviously, a blog is no good without content. So I did a couple of rock-solid freebies that proved VERY popular out there on the web. I posted them to the blog, and I emailed my list to come and get it and share it. It worked. Bigtime! I’m talking about a list of 10K subscribers built BEFORE I ever got ready to launch Video Boss, built entirely on the strength of the content on the blog

4. Offers – Now as I pointed out earlier, Video Boss was far from ready all these months ago. I knew I couldn’t just build up an audience based on freebies because without offers being made periodically, people would resent being marketed to later. Of course, selling stuff and getting paid is a good reason to make offers, too. 🙂 Without anything ready in my own product line, I promoted some rock solid stuff that was in line with the values I’d already established in my free content.

There are things that I know to be important in online business, and I promote products that will help my students reach those ends. I promote the BEST ones I can find. But there’s an ulterior motive there too. The people with the best products being offered ALSO have high-quality lists filled with customers who care about quality… and are willing to pay a premium.

5. Product – If you’ve been paying attention this month, you’ve seen me launch my “Video Boss” coaching program. I’d been developing this in the background the whole time I’d been doing the other stuff. But you’ll notice I didn’t start with the product first. I began building an audience, and a JV promotional channel, and a list building platform SIMULTANEOUSLY.

The interactions I had with partners and their launches, and with my blog and list subscribers HEAVILY influenced the development of Video Boss. So much so that if I look at it now and compare it to my first notes, you wouldn’t even recognize it.

6. Repeat – That’s really all there is to it. I’m going to take care of this class of Video Boss members, and while I do, I’ll keep posting great content (like this) to the blog and email list. I’ll keep engaging you in conversation, collecting comments, and thinking about what my next product will be. I’ll keep looking for tools and offers that you can use to grow your business.

7. Be a good guy – This one isn’t required, sadly. There are lots and lots of fortunes built on slimeball tactics and leaving others worse off than you found them.


Isn’t that just totally open and full of honesty but also full of valuable insights and information in how to start an internet business.

if you are an internet marketing beginner, there is a lot to learn here and if you do not have the know how to do all this, just read my Texas Wealth Club review, you can take the info from here and apply their knowledge to do just this.

Fantastic Andy – well done

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Stompernet – Impressive marketing material from “The Net Effect”

What with Frank Kern, Jeff Johnson, Eben Pagan and Rich Schefren all having relaunches over these past couple of weeks, one of the biggest and most impressive marketing machines out there i.e. Stompernet has been quietly sending out great FREE training material on their blog at http://www.stompernetblog.com from The Net Effect magazine

The one thing about this material that I am impressed with is the detail which has been taken from the paid content in The Net Effect magazine – the monthly newsletter from the Stompernet guys which has a FREE first edition when you get Stomping The Search Engines a top class SEO course for $1.

I have glossed over the material a bit but there has been some pretty interesting material under the guise of posts with [Cheat Sheet] in the title.
How about theses topics:

  • 4 Rules for Making More Money with PageRank
  • Chase the Long-tail, Not the Wrong-Tail
  • Create, Control, Converse, CONVERT!
  • 20 Questions for Content Creation

I have put a quick summary of these topics below

4 Rules for Making More Money with Page Rank

This is a very interesting technical article and is key to pointing out the rules to make your Google page rank go higher. here are the three key rules mentioned.

Rule #1: Create More Web Pages

The idea here is that the only thing that creates and holds a Google Page Rank is a web page, it has nothing to do with links.

Rule #2: Your competition dictates how much Page Rank you need.

This means that you need to identify who are your competitors and make sure that your site has more pages than your competition in the market. Once you know how many – beat it

Rule #3: Improve the links between your web pages.

Make sure that all your least important pages ALWAYS link to our most important pages which invariably are your money or sales pages. Also and this is critical:

“make sure that your most important pages NEVER link to your least important pages”

Note: this point here is quoted as being the most important point
In order to do this you need to use the rel=”nofollow” method in the “a” tag on any link that you don’t want passing Google Page Rank.

The example used on the stompernet blog is Ex. http://stompernet.com” rel=”nofollow”>Click Here

The full article is available on the stompernet blog so access it here

Chase the Long-tail, Not the Wrong-Tail

Did you know that there is 20 or 30% more traffic just waiting for you to be captured if you go after the long tail however the long tail can be difficult to go after if you try the usual SEO tactics. This is where Dan Thiess from the Stompernet faculty explains how to do this. I have summarised the key points below the full article is available on the blog – http://www.stompernetblog.com.

1. Just work them in naturally, wherever you can

2. start using your long tail keywords in anchor text

3. When you’re in the long tail, it’s about the quantity and variety that contribute cumulatively to the traffic

I love this last tip from the stompernet  article and quote it here:

BONUS TIP: While you’re looking at your analytics anyway, grab the keywords that people found you with ACCIDENTALLY, and start targeting those, too

Create, Control, Converse, CONVERT!

This article is all about social marketing and making sure you do things properly and do not get shunned

Firstly – Create your profile in all the key social media places – YouTube, Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and MySpace just for starters. Then create content everywhere, blogs, squidoo lenses etc.

Secondly – Control by linking all the places together and distribute content everywhere – this is just like a email list.

Thirdly – Converse with the crowd and respond on your blog and everywhere else by following where your name/brand is being mentioned e.g. by tracking this on twitter, setting up google alerts

Fourthly – Convert – this can only be done if you have built up some trust based on the content you have provided and the relationship you have built up (all very mass control if you ask me!) Once you have the trust, things you recommend (e.g. Stomping The Search Engines) will be bought as they respect you.

20 Questions for Content Creation

This article is based on the motto “content is king” as you need information for e.g. your website and blogs. Quoting from the article:

The more, the better – and the faster you can create content and deploy it, the faster you’ll start seeing increased traffic AND sales

How to do this is the basis of this article and is information gleaned from Mike Koenigs (Traffic Geyser fame). I have taken just a snippet of this full article and reproduced below, the full article is on http://www.stompernetblog.com.

1. Write down the top 10 most frequently asked questions that your visitors have about your product or service.
This is all about checking your market intelligence. Once you have the questions answer them and that is the basis of the first 10 pieces of content

2. Write down the top 10 questions your visitors SHOULD be asking about your product or service.
Then answer these questions with benefits and that’s another 10 pieces of content to add to your website, forum or any other place you have

Hopefully you found this usefu, let me know your thoughts

Best wishes

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FormulaFive MBA-in-a-Box Challenge

The big formulafive launch is taking place right now and you can win a galaxy of prices by entering their new mba in a box challenge including a daily prize of a flip minohd camera. the main prize draw will be held on Sunday January 18th. Access the mba in a box report at: http://www.stomperf5.com/mba/

How about a FREE copy of FormulaFIVE including ALL Fast-Mover Bonuses, or a MacBook Pro Notebook Computer for 1st prize, 2nd prize is a Panasonic plasma TV, 3rd prize is a 16GB iPod Touch, 4th prize is a Flip MinoHD camcorder and 5th prize is a DiNovo Bluetooth keyboard.

In order to win a prize in this Challenge:

  • You must currently have a business in operation
  • You must register to participate in the contest
    You must apply at least one of the specific Formula FIVE techniques discussed in any of the videos released
  • You must be able to prove the ‘before’ and ‘after’ details

In order to enter the competition, you must go to http://www.stomperblog.com/f5-registration/ and register.

Once you have registered at the above link, you need to go to this page http://www.stomperblog.com/2009/01/08/f5-diary/ and enter your experience showing how the techniques you have learnt form the FormulaFive videos have improved your business. You will need to show:

  • The business problem – The “Before” status
  • The number and type of specific FormulaFIVE techniques implemented
  • Which one(s) you did and how you implemented them
  • Time it took to get the first result
  • Level of success (% increase in sales, margin, etc)
  • Projected Long?Term Impact on the Business

The most simple technique I saw in the video is increasing your price such that your net profits increase by 15% “on a wing and a prayer” so it can’t be hard can it?. Increasing your value proposition is also not too hard to implement by examining your offer carefully.

In order to increase your entries in this competition, make sure you implement more than 1 technique as each techinque means one entry and even better, post a video on YouTube with your entry and you get double the entries.

When you look at the marketing here, they are creating serious buzz with the mba in a  box challenge, especially the daily prizes and even better, entering them on YouTube and using social media to power the links through to the FormulaFive site is a masterpiece. What a great way of driving FormulaFive.

Go for it and hope you win something

Best Wishes

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