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Get Money From Google – Perry Belchers system reviewed

I have finally finished listening and watching all the get money from google material by perry belcher and ryan deiss. I have to say it is very good and I have learnt a lot of very useful information which i am currently implementing on some of my sites.

When you look at the get money from google system, its all about creating a product of your own (very quickly with little effort and it doesn’t have to be perfect) whether it be audio or an ebook, you then use google adwords to drive traffic and provide an upsell to create additional lifetime customer value.

Not a difficult idea to grasp and get money from google is definitely worth $27.

Some of the good parts that I found:

1. You get to see example templates of landing pages and understand more about the google quality score, what really does work and what doesn’t
2. What you should do with adwords – the types of ads that work well with the search network vs the content network and so on. Bearing in mind perry belcher has spent over $7.3m using adwords of which 50% is on the content network gives the guy some credibility and he does know his stuff
3. where to get your material for your front sell and upsell product from – think plr, articles and videos

4. how to build your upsell and what are the best types to use – know brainer here on one of them being a continuity program of some sort – goto any marketer now and everyone is talking about residual income of some sort and ryan deiss is the master of this with his continuity blueprint programme

5. One of the bonuses you receive with this course is the automatic daily income system from ryan deiss which follows on from point 4 above. This is an awesome mp3 product in itself going for 1 hour 11 mins and surprising really to see it as a bonus giving you very clear guidance on how to build your continuity income.

I am currently finalizing my first project using get money from google so I will let you know how I go.

All in all get money from google is all not difficult at all to implement and pretty well anyone can do this as long as you take action!. Thumbs up from me

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PPC Classroom 2.0
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PPC Classroom 2.0 review – module 9 – bid optimization strategies

This is now the ninth and final review of the 9 ppc classroom 2.0 reviews with this module called “Bid Optimization Strategies”. This is the last nodule you will need to look after in ppc classroom 2.0 after you have launched your adwords campaign and have seen some sales results.

In this final module amit goes into detail on the advanced bid optimization techniques that tells you exactly when and how to adjust your bids, and by how much.

At the end of the day, this is not rocket science but after years of experience, amit has perfected the exact time when you should either raise your price or lower your price which is particularly good and gave me one of those “a ha” moments.

Each keyword should be looked at as being either – high converting, mid converting and low converting – amit explains what this means and then you need to either raise or lower your bids based on this information (after having statistically significant results)

A lot of the science involved in bid optimiztion relies on one thing – not being emotional. Amit explains below:

All the bid optimizations I’ve discussed in this module are very easy to implement. What’s shocking is that even when presented with such a simple cookie-cutter approach to campaign optimization, most affiliates will still fail.
Why is that? Their emotions get in the way. Seriously. Let’s say you just launched a campaign, and it’s going well. It’s been breaking even for a week. You decide to wait another three weeks before you start optimizing your bids.
Now let’s say you get hit with a bad day. You have the same level of traffic, but it results in zero or very few sales. How should you react?
Here are a few possibilities:

– A. Pause your campaign, and wait two days before you restart.
– B. Lower your bids by 50%. You can’t keep losing money, can you?
– C. Shut down your campaign. Obviously this offer doesn’t convert any more!
– D. Realize that on any given day, your conversation rate can fluctuate drastically. You make no changes to your campaign and continue to patiently collect conversion data.

Now if you chose D, then you’re right. However, would you really choose D? I mean, you just lost $300 that day. Out of the blue, your campaign conversion rate dropped! Shouldn’t you do something? The fact is, affiliates who choose options A, B, or C have let fear grip them. This type of fear will keep them from properly bid optimizing their campaign. In many cases, their campaign will never achieve profitability.

If you would like to know more about bid optimization and ppc classroom 2.0, head on over to their main page where you can sign up for their free content when they reopen starting with the relaunch on February 9th.

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PPC Classroom 2.0
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PPC Classroom 2.0 review – module 8 – Why split testing is important

This is now the eighth of 9 ppc classroom 2.0 reviews with the eighth module being called “Why you need to split test”.

When you launch your adwords campaign, you can have one of 4 scenarios as discussed in my review of module 7. Let’s assume you have scenario 1 or 2, i.e. you have traffic and are making sales, it is now time to properly split test which is what amit goes into in this module.

Amit goes into a lot of detail with google ads, landing pages and focuses on the 4 critical elements on your landing page that you need to split test as well as the importance of understanding what statistically significant means as explained below:

As mentioned, a new PPC campaign should be set up to contain at least two ads per ad group. You need to know which ad will convert the best, etc.
Essential to this process is the ability to be able to collect statistically relevant data. In order to collect the data correctly you need to the set the “Ad Serving” option to Rotate.
This campaign setting ensures that both of the ads will be displayed equally, and will give you the chance to check which of the ads has the highest CTR.
You see, Google sees your ad as more relevant if more people are clicking on it. Since Google wants to give their visitors the most relevant results, they reward ads that generate high CTR (versus competing ads).
Taking this a step further, you can also split test your landing page for improved conversions. Don’t underestimate how powerful this can be. You can potentially double or triple your conversion rate by just changing the headline on your landing page!

Split testing and statistically significant results

Let’s start by talking about split testing your Google ads. Say you’re split testing two ads with the following stats:

Ad 1: Clicks: 7, CTR: 2.0
Ad 2: Clicks: 4, CTR: 1.5

Now, clearly Ad 1 is the winner, right? After all, it has significantly higher CTR.
Well, let’s let the above ads run longer to see if Ad 1 is really the winner. Here’s what we end up with:

Ad 1: Clicks 32, CTR: 1.54
Ad 2: Clicks 54, CTR: 2.22

WOW! What happened? Ad 1 was supposed to be the winner, but after letting the ads run longer, Ad 1 turned out to be a total loser. Making decisions based on poor statistics is a big reason many affiliates fail to successfully optimize their campaigns. Do not fall into this trap

This certainly makes you think and you can use the tool at http://www.splittester.com to check on your google ads. In order to test different landing pages, amit also shows you how to use a tool to assist which automatically can divert your traffic to different landing pages. Note: you can see this tool in action when you sign up to his free email content as he uses it there!

If you would like to know more about split testing and ppc classroom 2.0, head on over to their main page where you can sign up for their free content when they reopen starting with the ppc classroom 2.0 relaunch on February 9th.

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