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Get Money from Google – Beta Launch

I have suddenly seen a spike of emails from internet marketers promoting this product – “Get Money From Google” by Perry Belcher which considering I had seen some of the bonuses before when Ryan Deiss had the big Mr X launch for “Wholesale Traffic System” it didn’t get me really interested.

What did culminate me in writing this post is that an email just came in from Frank Kern with a subject none other than “BREAKING NEWS: Hell has officially frozen over” – I like this subject heading and why wouldn’t you click on it?

Anyway, frank started talking about his platinum mastermind meeting and how one of his members did the following:

* Doubled his conversions.
* Slashed his PPC costs.
* Got more traffic.
* And made more money overnight.

Clearly this has got me interested and then I saw that he was promoting this product “Get money from google” – now it got my attention.

So now, I decided to have a look at the sales letter and when you see Mike Filsaime on twitter also promoting it today and commenting about how nice the sales letter is, clearly this is starting to look like a quality product.

When you check out the sales letter – there are some big statements, starting with the headline.

 “How To “Funnel-Off” Your Share of the $1,463,224,111 GOOGLE Gives-Up To People Just Like YOU Every Single Month”

which generated $688,797.15 after adwords spend. Reading some more, you can start to see what this is all about:

  1. Create a low end product which you paractically give away e.g. $7
  2. Using adwords, you make very little profit
  3. Have an upsell which you can then sell which gives you 100% of the profits since they are already a customer

Looking at the product, it contains 3 PDF reports and 4 training modules – the PDF reports I have seen before (they are very good) but the audios look really good.

  • Training Module 1 – Gives you the formula
  • Training Module 2 – Getting products – where to find products to sell cheaply
  • Trainign Module 3 – Getting customers – the adwords component
  • Training Module 4 – Getting leverage

I also like the look of the bonuses as well with Ryan Deiss – the king of continuity programs providing his automatic daily income program and the “Money With Your Microphone” program which I first heard about in the “Winning At Social Media” launch.

All in all, what has clinched me is that there is a lot of good content here, they are only selling 777 copies initially – will not last long and all for $27 – pretty good value if you ask me, check it out here to see what I mean  – and now I am off to sign up ….. – full review to follow soon!

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Perry Belcher
Winning at Social Media
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FREE “Winning at social media” launch report

For all of you out there fascinated in the buzz that is social media, here is my launch report on the “Winning at Social Media” pre-launch webinar that perry belcher and ryan deiss ran on December 18th 2008.

The webinar was 2 hours and 18 minutes full of information on how to get the best of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and of course blogs. For me, I found it invaluable and very interesting suffice to say I summarized all the key points and managed to fill 25 pages of PDF file which you are more than welcome to download, read, sell this report, offer it as a bonus in your packages, (digital or physical) give it away for free to your clients, on your blog, with material you send out, etc.

To give you a glimpse of some of the content, I quote below:

“Facebook is the King Kong of social media and is now a refined version of Myspace. This is basically a webpage all about you. It contains all the stuff you like, videos, jokes, favorite things etc. and is by far the largest social media site with 140 million active members spending on average 19 minutes a day, 3-4 times a day. This is the most viral website in the world.
Comparing Facebook to Google – It took Google 10 years to get to 50 million members whereas it took Facebook 19 months. The difference is that Google is a tool, whereas Facebook and YouTube for that matter are communities”

It really is quite extraordinary when you go through this and understand what is happening with these social media sites – PLEASE PLEASE check out Twitter – http://www.twitter.com for example and see what is happening there – it is like being on the frontier of the Internet again.

With that, click here to download your FREE 25 page report, “Winning at Social Media” and discover why you should get involved with social media and sign up to Perry Belcher’s training starting january 2009.

Good Luck

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Winning at Social Media
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Winning At Social Media Training

The winning at social media training being put on by perry belcher and ryan deiss kicks off on January 5th.  In it you will learn how to get 100% free traffic through these social media sites and from what I have seen so far, this is definitely true. Think of the potential this gives you?

As of now, there are 31 seats left on the training to become a social media master so head on down soon.  I am currently writing a summary of the 2 hour 18 minute webinar that perry and ryan put on on December 18th which will be ready early next week so if you don’t get on their course, you will get a lot of useful content free when I release it.

The key social media sites that you will learn about are Twitter (brilliant tool), Facebook and YouTube which will be the big thing for 2009.

You can sign up on http://www.winningatsocialmedia.com/training

Good Luck


Click here to download the Membership Site Masterplan free report

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