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FREE “Winning at social media” launch report

For all of you out there fascinated in the buzz that is social media, here is my launch report on the “Winning at Social Media” pre-launch webinar that perry belcher and ryan deiss ran on December 18th 2008.

The webinar was 2 hours and 18 minutes full of information on how to get the best of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and of course blogs. For me, I found it invaluable and very interesting suffice to say I summarized all the key points and managed to fill 25 pages of PDF file which you are more than welcome to download, read, sell this report, offer it as a bonus in your packages, (digital or physical) give it away for free to your clients, on your blog, with material you send out, etc.

To give you a glimpse of some of the content, I quote below:

“Facebook is the King Kong of social media and is now a refined version of Myspace. This is basically a webpage all about you. It contains all the stuff you like, videos, jokes, favorite things etc. and is by far the largest social media site with 140 million active members spending on average 19 minutes a day, 3-4 times a day. This is the most viral website in the world.
Comparing Facebook to Google – It took Google 10 years to get to 50 million members whereas it took Facebook 19 months. The difference is that Google is a tool, whereas Facebook and YouTube for that matter are communities”

It really is quite extraordinary when you go through this and understand what is happening with these social media sites – PLEASE PLEASE check out Twitter – http://www.twitter.com for example and see what is happening there – it is like being on the frontier of the Internet again.

With that, click here to download your FREE 25 page report, “Winning at Social Media” and discover why you should get involved with social media and sign up to Perry Belcher’s training starting january 2009.

Good Luck

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