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Clearly My WordPress CMS Theme is Popular!

Interestingly, my wordpress cms theme – one of the premium wp themes out there just got a mention as part of the new Affiliate Game Plan launch from Rob Benwell and Taylor Feltcher.

What was interesting to me is that WPREMIX was used as a good example of an affiliate program that is clearly making Taylor a lot of money – over $4,265 from the example video he shows as part of his pre-launch.

Now, rather than go on about this product launch (if you are interested in it here it is –  Access Affiliate Game Plan) I would rather talk about the wordpress cms theme which is a premium wp theme and what is so good about it.

What is WPRemix

WPREMIX is an awesome wordpress content management system theme used as the basis for Product Launch Vault.

In this blog, I am using it primarily for the blog template aka magazine module(1 of 5 provided) that is provided for free as part of the core purchase but the real power is the page templates used to provide awesome different looks and feels as well as great content.

If you go to the demo section of WPRemix and look at all of the different page template designs you can see the power and how you can create a lot of different look and feels.

One tip is to download them into a PowerPoint document which you can use for creating websites for companies in your area i.e. online marketing for offline businesses. it works and works well!

Note: Here is a link to all the wpremix page templates that I use when designing websites for clients.

In the picture above, this is an example of one of the 10 different home pages available with sections for inner pages for:

  1. Products
  2. Images Galleries
  3. Events
  4. Contact Forms
  5. FAQ Pages
  6. Features

and many more.

It is very good so if you are looking at a top wordpress cms theme, you can do no worse than to download WPRemix, I seriously suggest trying this premium wp theme out and I can give you a lot of tips if you end up buying it. Good Luck

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